Fix: Monster Hunter Rise Sound Glitch and Audio Bug

Monster hunter rise is launched newly which was developed and published by Capcom for Nintendo switch platform. It contains both single and multiple players. Now many of the users were facing Monster Hunter Rise Sound Glitch and Audio Bug this problem so let us see how to fix monster hunter rise sound glitch and audio bug

People telling that background sound cuts off while in combat it makes more irritable. Also while hearing protagonist, palamute, palico companions to the players audio is not listening and playing sound in wrong times. This problem will surely loose the interest for all game players

Method 1 try rebooting console

At first what you have to do is just restart your Nintendo switch or switch lite. It will solve all sound related problems and also it clears cache data from your console system

Method 2 adjustment in game audio setting

Check your game audio settings whether you have enabled for all below given options

  • At first open monster hunter rise game
  • Then go to options and select audio tab
  • Now you have to set audio sliders for 100 to all options
  • Finally click for save and restart your pc

Method 3 check sound for output device

If you were not connected to Nintendo switch to tv or any other audio devices then check that you have selected correct sound output device and its connection. Also the issue occurred due to wrong connection plugged into port. Also check your device which works properly if not you can try for another device.

Method 4 try using headphones

If you have tried all the steps not solves then go for this try using headphones to your Nintendo switch or switch lite console. If you can able to avoid sound issue or bugs it means there is some issue with sound output device

Method 5 try switching to handleheld mode

In your Nintendo switch console you are using docked mode then you should try switching to handleheld mode. By using this mode you can also play game titles by holding Nintendo switch console with connected joy controllers.


These issue will not continue for longer you can use Capcom patch fix update it will be released soon. Until that stay calm also solved . we hope that you have learned how to fix Monster Hunter Rise Sound Glitch and Audio Bug

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