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Fix: Minecraft Outdated Client Error

Depends upon version of minecraft you play an error message will occur says “could not connect: outdated client!” this error message occurring to many players this makes us stop to play. The thing is you have to keep updated version like java or bedrock version. here we tell you how to solve Minecraft Outdated Client Error

Fix Minecraft Outdated Client error

It is better to use bedrock version of minecraft when compared to java version of minecraft is not taking into an account of which platform you were using like pc, xbox, lineup, switch, ps4/ps5 and mobile operating system

Fix Minecraft Outdated Client Error


  • At first highlight the minecraft icon on your main menu
  • Next click on option button where you can see “check for update “ click on it
  • If you see any available update then download and install Minecraft Outdated Client

Nintendo switch

  • As usual click on + button to highlight mine craft on your Nintendo switch
  • Now select “ software update” and choose “via the internet”
Fix Minecraft Outdated Client Error
  • If there any update available then it will be automatically download and install
  • After done restart your device
  • Finally start playing and check if error occur again

Android / ios

  • At first open google play store or apple app store
  • Now on the search box type minecraft and search
Fix Minecraft Outdated Client Error
  • If any update shown click for download and install

Xbox one / X box series S & X

  • At first highlight minecraft game and click on options button
  • Where you can see “manage game and add ons” if any update available you can see that then click yes to download and install
Fix Minecraft Outdated Client Error
  • Finally check playing that the error continue

Window 10

  • On your window 10 pc open Microsoft store
  • On the search box search for minecraft
  • Your search result will be displayed on the top of the screen select for minecraft
  • If you see any update available then click on update

Minecraft java version

  • At first you have to know which version you were playing in java and whether it will be compatible with server or not make sure it
  • Anyways if you were using any server that will be different from minecraft version that only running in your device so all you have to do is exit the game and open Microsoft launcher and select installation
  • Next click on “new “ button  and give a name to this new installed file now use dropdown option where you can select your version but it should be compatible with server version
  • At the same time go to server website and check its accurate version number
  • After done click on save
  • Then click on “create “
  • Now select new version game and connect to the server and check that error continue again


I hope the above given fix may help you to solve your Minecraft Outdated Client Error These error are become common to avoid these use latest version.

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