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Fix: Google Nest Wifi dropping or Wifi Not Working

Google is an audio device which will be more useful for all lazy fellows. This device will need active power connection, strong network, google account, and compatible mobile device. Even if you have all of these you find error here there is solution for you.

Fix: check cables and connection

Make sure that all your ports were connected to their proper ports. This will make connection strong.

  • At first check that your Ethernet cable is connected to your modem.
Fix: Google Nest Wifi dropping or Wifi Not Working
  • Also check your wifi router and modem are powered up
  • Also check your modem that has been connected to internet such as cable, DSL, or fiber connection.

Restart your modem, router and points

  • Turn off and on your modem and wifi device
Fix Google Nest Wifi dropping or Wifi Not Working
  • At first disconnect the power from all your network devices modem, google nest device.
  • Also make sure that the lights in these devices were turned off.
  • After making all your devices turn off, again power connect your modem wait until your modem power up fully. You have to wait to complete this process
  • Now your modem is running at this time give power to google nest device also
  • Now you google nest turn on also once again check that all the cables connected properly now you can use any application like google home app or google wifi app.

Check your configuration

Google nest wifi and google wifi uses DHCP, it is a common internet connection protocol. If your ISP is not providing proper DHCP support bit it needs various protocol like PPPoE , static IP’s then you have to improve WAN setting

Fix Google Nest Wifi dropping or Wifi Not Working

By using modem if you want to provide inter to nest wifi or primary wifi you have to enter PPPoE account name and password. This can be done by accessing google wifi app WAN setting page. If you want to know what PPoE is connected your ISP then they will provide you required login credentials. Once again if you receive static IP from your IP then simply enter your static IP information in the apps WAN setting.

Fix Google Nest Wifi dropping or Wifi Not Working

Finally you also have to revert all those changes.

Call your internet service provider

If you can’t able to connect wifi then problem may be in your ISP also. You can contact your customer care about your ISP and ask that they have made any changes in network. Explain them about your issue clearly may be some service problem in your area. If it was the reason then you have to wait.

Factory reset your wifi devices.

This is a trick that most of the people know that is disconnecting all your power cable for a while after done this again connect your google nest wifi to modem. Now you have done reset process so you will have to connect a new connection again.

Anyways we suggest to contact with google customer care about your connection problem


If you have any doubts then ask me as questions. I hope this article will be useful for you also don’t make yourself stress if your google nest device is not connecting try out our above fix’s surely any one of it will solve your problem. Stay connected with us.

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