Fix Apex legends code truck error out of syn with server.

Fix Apex legends code truck error is the top most famous online video game from Respawn entertainment. Usually in online games occur more error and bugs. Same like in apex legends game you can face problem like error code, cannot able to connect to server etc. Now players were facing Apex legends code truck error out of syn with server. Here we will tell you issue.

Check apex legends server status

If your game is not connecting to server or lobby. You have to check server status if any issue it will be notified. Also keep follow apex legends official in twitter.

Clear DNS cache

Surely you system will searched lot of website and gathered information it will trouble you in several ways. It is better to clear the DNS server cache from your computer to refresh and increase network connection. Follow the steps given below

  • First click on start menu and type cmd where you can see command prompt
  • Next right click on command prompt and select run as administrator
  • If prompted by UAC then click on yes to allow the permission
  • After command window open type the following command and click enter it will execute
  • Then close your window and restart your computer

Power cycle networking device

Use power cycle to your wifi router it will clear any of network problem and cache issue. To do follow given steps below

  • At first switch off the wifi router then unplug your the power cable from it
  • Just wait a min and again plug in your cable
  • Finally check that problem is solved

Repair or reinstall easy anti- cheat

This will be automatically installed also it uninstall when you uninstall the game which was using easy anti-cheat from your system. Here follow given steps

  • At first open “easy anti cheat” folder where you can see inside apex legend installation folder
Fix Apex Legends Code Truck Error
  • Now locate easyantocheat_setup.exe file
  • You have to run it as administrator and choose install
Fix Apex Legends Code Truck Error
  • Finally choose repair to solve the issue
Fix Apex legends code truck error

Disable cloud saves

Even cloud saves game launcher app players were facing many issues. Check that you have turn off origin cloud saves option from the origin launcher go to settings then general. Also there is an option to uncheck the enable cloud storage for all supported games from the application settings menu

Disable origin in –game

Here we will tell you step to disable origin in game option

  • At first go to c:\program files (x86)\origin then right click on origin.exe file
  • Next go to properties and go to compatibility tab then check the box to run as administrator
  • Then click on apply and click ok
  • Now open origin client on your pc
  • Next go to application setting from the origin in game option you have to disable origin in game
Fix Apex legends code truck error
  • Finally restart your pc and check

Reinstall apex legends

Above given fixs nothings works then just reinstall your game. users were eagarly waiting for titans

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