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How to get “where is your Soul mate “ filter on Instagram

Instagram is also a social media platform where you can do same actions like Facebook. The soul mate filter on Instagram is an AR filter which gives us quick response to a question where is soul mate. It was created by the Instagram user named. Same like other filter you have to try in selfie it will answer you different times

filter on Instagram

Nowadays all Instagram users are creating different pose reels to get more followers. Instagram is not only used to create also for share filters through the app itself.

Here we will tell you steps

  • At first you have to open Instagram in your mobile
  • On the search box search for erikasnacks
  • Your search result will be displayed select on it and visit the profile of the creator of this filter
  • Now tap on emoji filter icon on their profile and scroll down where you can see “soul mate radar “ filter
  • Then tap on save filter now your filter will be saved in to your account
  • After adding it will save in your Instagram camera.

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How to use the soul mate filter

You have added soul mate radar filter on your Instagram account now it will be easy to access by launching the camera app

filter on Instagram
  • Simply open Instagram home screen and open camera section
  • Just swipe left or right to place soul mate radar filter
  • This filter works only your face detects in your screen simply you have to use selfie
  • You have to tap and hold until it gives you reply
  • Once done release button
  • Finally done you can share in all social media.
  • Share your comments and ideas given below on comment box or share on social medias also

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