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FamiSafe Review – Best Choice for Parents to Monitor Kids

Parental control is a helpful feature that allows parents to control and prohibit their children’s activities on mobile. A many of software or spying apps have emerged to enhance parental controls. Between them, Famisafe is a striking and most compatible parental control app that could detect immoral access. 

Features of Famisafe

Famisafe lets you track real-time GPS location and detect improper avail on kids’ devices remotely without their knowledge.

It sends you a finish activity timeline of your target mobile.

It will also act as an ad-blocker to filter and block threatening apps, websites, and documents.

With smart scheduling, you could restrict the kids’ from managed the mobile after a limit.

The built-in GPS functionality would let you find their present location.

View all the call records and messages of your kids’ simply and quickly

You could use the tool to spy on social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and more.

With a single subscription, you could monitor up to 30 devices (varies according to the plan).

FamiSafe Price

FamiSafe is wholly a subscription-based parental control app. It supported three membership plans to choose from:

Monthly Plan: $9.99/month – View up to 5 devices.

Quarterly Plan: $6.99 each month ($19.99/ three months) – Monitor up to 10 devices.

Yearly Plan: $4.99 per month ($59.99/year) – Monitor up to 30 devices.

Supported Devices

Famisafe is a multi-platform reliable device, and you could officially found this app from the respective app store. It is offered by Android, iOS, Amazon devices, Windows, and macOS.

You could download it FamiSafe app directly from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store. As well as the app store, you could also get the app from its website. It would send you a download link directly to your Email.

Unhappily, there is no official app for Windows and macOS. You want to use the FimeSafe website.

Sign up for Famisafe

Step1: To start a web browser on your device, and go to the FamiSafe website.

Step2: hit the LOGIN option on the main screen.

FamiSafe Review

Step3: Hence you need to make a new account, hit the SIGN UP option.

Step4: Here, gives your Email address and password in the appropriate text box.

Step5: pick Sign Up.

Step6: select your preferred subscription plan and go through the payment process.

How to Set Up FamiSafe on Kids Device

The steps would different depending on the type of device you’re using.

Step1: Download and install the FamiSafe app with your target Kids device.

Step2: sign in with your Email and Password.

Step3: choose your device as Kid.

Step4: Afterwards, type your Kids Name and age.

Step5: next, choose Enable Now from the FamiSafe Accessibility screen to access the desired function.

  1. Activate display over other apps.
  2. Activate app supervision to get a finish app report.
  3. Notification access to view all notifications.
  4. Enable device administrator permission to set screen time limit and safe inappropriate app installation.
  5. Enable the contact list and location permission.
  6. Activate battery optimization to keep FamiSafe active in the background.


FamiSafe on iPhone needs a configuration profile that could be downloaded from the website.

Step1: To start the FamiSafe on Kids iPhone and sign in with your profile.

Step2: Here, you would need to grant access to FamiSafe track location, app usage report, and other needs options.

Step3: next, hit Install iOS Profile to monitor and protect kids’ devices.

Step4: It would redirect to the FamiSafe website, here tap Allow from the prompt.

Step5: while the design Profile is downloaded, go to the iPhone Settings.

Step6: Afterwards, hit on the General settings.

Step7: Below the General settings, hit the Profile option.

Step8: Here, choose FamiSafe and afterwards hit the Install button at the top right of the screen.

Step9: hit Trust from the warning prompt.

Step10: choose Install once again.

Step11: Next, hit Turn On Now to activate Content Blocker.

Step12: For that, go to Safari below settings and choose the Content blocker option.

Step13: Laterally, hit the FamiSafe toggle to enable it.

That’s all. FamiSafe is enabled on your Kids’ device. Follow the same steps to set up this service on other devices.

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To monitor their activities, to start the FamiSafe app on your device and sign in with your account. Hit on your Kids’ name to view and monitor their activities. If you’re a PC user, you could display those data by simply signing in to your account.


(1) Is it legal to use?

Yes. It is legal to use, and you could find the app officially on the Google Play Store and App Store.

(2) Is it possible to block apps and websites?

Yes, you would be capable to block the suspicious app and age-restricted contents on your kids’ device. Additionally, you could set up a time limit for each app.

(3) Is FamiSafe offers a free trial?

Yes. FamiSafe support 3 days free trial to new subscribers. Moreover, it supposed 7 days money-back guarantee to all users.

(4) Is it compatible with Gaming consoles?

Unfortunately, you could not use it to monitor the kids’ activities on gaming consoles like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and more.

(5) Are there any FamiSafe alternatives?

There are a many of parental control apps available to replace FamiSafe. 

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