Do villagers Despawn in minecraft

Minecraft is an open world game where players can experience virtually battle mobs, build shelters, and explore new places and trying to survive all the day. Anyways it is unexpected that passive mob in minecraft like “villagers” strangely despawn in minecraft. If you also one of the person in affected list then here this guide for you. Villagers will be useful in terms of survival like igloo basements, or players recover from zombie villagers now many affected players were searching for multiple queries in online please tell me do they die naturally

Any items that dropped in minecraft will disappear automatically after five minute but the arrow and tridents will stay for six minutes ok fine let us see briefly

Sadly many of the players were affected by this problem also villagers having the issue in server glitch, escaped or even died and 128 block radius getting disappear without any players. Minecraft mobile players without playing having chance 2.5 percentage to lose 32 block radius in each and every second in this game except couple of mobile with some particular despawn timers also it has more chance to become disappear in all mobile without a nametag except for villagers,

True, villagers will not have any specific despawn timers and they are not disappear by themselves. Anyways both the issue glitch and bug will cause more problems which become common. But another true which is hard to hear you cannot able to keep villagers alive anytime because they can die in several aspects here we tell you what are all the reasons they going to be die

  • Minecraft villagers will hit by lightning and become witches then they will despawned
  • Villagers will be killed by hostiles
  • They can be die without breathing because they were in inside closed doors
  • They also may due to starvation it is because their artificial intelligence and also it will make iron golem farms non – operational
  • Also many more

It is a gift that villagers will live longer last long but they become old death except for dies by zombies, explosion and more. Now you are asking for how to keep them alive come let us see below

Keeping villagers indoors

By keeping villagers indoors you can protect them from outsiders keep remember keep them indoor without a door

Keeping the area well in light

If you keep your area lighting level under 7 then the zombies will produce easily therefore villages will get affected by them so you have to keep you place in light

Check your house is properly closed

When you are keeping villagers inside house check there should be no opening otherwise this game will not consider it as a house. Shelter means a roof should be covered all sides properly.

Keeping villagers within a village

Remember that no villager should go away from more than 32 blocks in the minecrafts game then after six seconds after game system will not consider them as villagers. Also if you went out then you will be easily killed by other mobs easily within six seconds back to your region

Do minecraft villagers respawn

It’s so sad minecraft villagers won’t live longer, will not respawn automatically like us. Once you died you cannot come again into this game. Here we tell you two methods to get alive rebuild your villagers in this game

Breeding villagers

Fine if you don’t have any village then you can borrow and mate with partners same like humans. Important thing is your villagers should have willing to breed it called mating mode also you will need free beds with 2 block to make them moody.

Curing zombie villagers

If you see any zombie villagers then cure them for that you will need splash portion of weakness or lingering potion of weakness or arrow of weakness. At first you have to protect zombie villagers to safe place and protect from daylight. After cured also protect from hostile mobs you have to give them weakness portion and after sometime if they become weak then feed them golden apple after 2 to 5 min they will become healthy and start to breeding also make sure if you kidnapped them then arrange a transport and send them back. hope now you have learned about Do villagers Despawn in minecraft

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