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How to Disable Logitech Download Assistant Startup

Logitech Download Assistant is helpful software for those managing Logitech accessory. It in particular planned to detect and update the Logitech programs installed on the PC. It manage to maintain all your Logitech software up to date, assure the best possible exposure even as using Logitech devices, like a mouse, keyboards, gamepad, Bluetooth speakers, etc. Deleting the Logitech Download Assistant from a startup

is not  a challenging task, yet most users search it hard to uninstall the download assistant. but, we investigate the issue of why a user wants to take away this program from their PC.

Method 1: Disabling Logitech Download Assistant in Startup

This is the simplest technique to put off the Logitech Download Assistant from opening at every system startup. every now and afterward the application would get the startup option by default without hire you know. The startup tab in the Task Manager would show you all the applications listed for the startup of your computer. You could halt the LDA application for a startup from the Task Manager by following the steps under.

Step 1 : Hold the Windows Key and  Press R to open Run, now type “taskmgr” in the text box and click OK to open Task Manager

Step 2 : Choose the Startup tab and find the “Logitech Download

Assistant“, right-click on it and select Disable

Step 3 : Restart and check if the LDA until pop up at startup or not.

Method 2: Disabling the Logitech Download Assistant in Settings

Step 1 : Hold Windows Key and Press I to release up the Settings, after that pick on “System”.

Disable Logitech Download Assistant Startup

Step 2 :currently open Notifications & actions and swipe down to would Logitech in the list

Disable Logitech Download Assistant Startup

if it’s listed then you could toggle Off the notifications At this time you could check if the Logitech Download Assistant till seems or not.

If this option is not obtainable in your settings, afterward the next method is a permanent

fix for the appearing of the assistant window.

Method 3: Deleting the LogiLDA.dll file in System32

In this technique, we would be deleting the LogiLDA.dll in the System32 folder to get rid of the LDA window showing at startup. Users also report that deleting this file through no difference or didn’t make some conflict with the main Logitech module. The downside is that you would have to keep informed your Logitech product by hand in the future. The automatic update feature will not work.

Step 1 : To start your File Explorer by vital Windows + E keys

Disable Logitech Download Assistant Startup

Step 2 : nowadays put the LogiLDA.dll in the following directory:


Step 3 : Right-click on the LogiLDA.dll file and pick Delete

Step 4 : start again your system and the LDA window would  not appear anymore.

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