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How to Control Keynote Presentation with Apple Watch

Keynote is the good app to make a presentation on Apple devices. The app is  accessible for all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. With Keynote on Apple Watch, you could control your presentation with your watch. Using your Apple Watch, you could start, pause, or jump to the next slide without any problems. Learn how to control your presentations with your Apple Watch.

Things you need to Control Keynote on Apple Watch

To control your Keynote presentations on your watch, you want to set some settings right.

Step 1: Confirm that your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone.

Control Keynote with Apple Watch

Step 2: Manage the updated version of Keynote on your iPhone (Keynote 10.0).

Step 3: Install the Keynote app with your watch.

If you do not have the Keynote app installed on your watch, 

Step 1: To start the My Watch app on your iPhone. 

Step 2: choose the Keynote app and turn on the toggle Show App on Apple Watch.

Step 3: Afterwards the installation, modified your Apple Watch settings to get the best experience on Keynote.

On your Apple Watch, visit Settings –> General –> Wake Screen –> power on Wake Screen on Wrist Raise.

Change the Resume To setting to Previous Activity.

Control Keynote with Apple Watch

If you are ready with your Keynote Presentation, do the keep in steps to control the presentation.

Step(1) To start the Keynote application on your Apple Watch,

Control Keynote with Apple Watch

Step(2) pick the Play button (►) to start the presentation.

Step(3) To jumps to the next slide, pick the Next button (⏭️).

Step(4) If you complete your presentation, firmly push the watch face and hit on the Exit button (x).

Keynote Limitations

Though the Keynote app is obtainable, there are some limitations to it.

At first, you want to open your Keynote presentation on your iPhone.

You could control your Keynote presentation only if your iPhone is links to other display devices by Airplay or USB cable.

There shall be no devices connected or paired with the Keynote for iOS app.

You could manage your watch to control other devices like Mac or iPad if the Keynote for iOS app is starts to the Keynote Remote screen.

These are things you want to know to control the Keynote presentation on Apple Watch. Afterwards, control your presentation right as if your Apple Watch don’t be over-dependent on your iPhone. 

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