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Configure Xiaomi Security Center

How to configure Xiaomi Security Center for SHAREit?

It is no uncertainty that you can without much of a stretch send and get records through SHAREit effectively. In only a couple of moments, you can move immense records starting with one gadget to the next without the requirement for any link or whatever else. Regardless of which platform you are utilizing, SHAREit enables you to move documents between gadgets of various platforms.

Whereas, some Xiaomi cell phone experiences blunders when attempting to send or get documents. This is because of the way that Xiaomi has a high-security level on the greater part of its gadgets because of which you can’t send or get documents through SHAREit.

Some Xiaomi gadgets may have false Permission Settings in the Security Center of the telephone because of which the exchange of documents may not happen and SHAREit neglects to send or get records including a Xiaomi gadget.

How to configure Xiaomi Security Center for SHAREit?

This can be solved by setting-up the Xiaomi’s Security Center. To determine this issue on your Xiaomi gadgets, pursue these steps we are sharing below:

  • On your Xiaomi gadget, find and open the Xiaomi Security Center.
  • Tap on Permissions.
  • Quest for the Permission Interface for SHAREit and open it.
  • Enable Get Location Info.
  • Likewise, change Wi-Fi availability.

When you roll out these improvements, you will have the option to make sharing including Xiaomi gadgets as subsequent to rolling out these improvements, Xiaomi’s Security Center won’t be an obstacle in the transmission of documents!

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