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Fix: black ops cold war 345 blazing gator error

Recently a lot of black ops cold war 345 blazing gator error in reddit and COD forums. Players are facing lot of error while playing in online games. In this game you can see zombie mode which makes us more excited. Let us talk about 245 blazing error gate we received more complaints here we will give you how to solve with multiple methods.

Method 1 check your server status

Before starting troubleshoot you have to check that 345 blazing gate error is caused due to simple server error. Here we will tell you where to check your server status visit the official Activision online services page you will know some information. You can also check out their official twitter and can check for latest update available. black ops cold war 345 blazing gator error

Method 2 Restart your network

It one of most effective fix just simply restart all your network equipment which are your modem, router, broadband. By starting all your device you will get a new ip address. And your DNS cache will get clean automatically. Now your problem will get solved. One of the important thing that you have to keep remember is while rebooting shut down all your network equipment for min 30 sec before restarting them. You can also unplug all the cords at the back of your modem.

After the process has been completed again connect to internet and open browser and check your connection. Upgrade your modem because black ops cold war will need more hardware support. Once your connection has received check your game playing game gain if you face error go for next fix.

Method 3 Update the Network Driver

This network driver will allow your pc to interact with network it will help you to use internet. Check you network driver if is it old then it will nor support for upcoming programs better update your driver regularly to update here we given you steps follow us.

  • At first click on start button and search for device manager then click enter
  • Next scroll down where you can see network adapters expand it where you can different options but look for controllers 
  • Now double click on it a new pop up window will open there click on ‘DRIVERS TAB”
  • You will see another tab there click on “update driver”

Now your driver will update automatically sometimes it will say already updated then go for next method

For Laptop

On your laptop search for serial number I think it will be located on your bottom of your screen

Now browse on your google for your laptop manufacturer named which is followed by support and note it down

If you are visiting manufacture website go to “drivers” section and type your serial number now you will get the network driver that your laptop actually needs.

Finally restart your pc and start playing your game also check you game is running with 345 blazing gator error.

For Desktops /PC

  • At first press start button and + R button at the same time and type “ msinfo32”
  • Now go to system information window  there you can see screenshot with some information read it carefully
  • Next go to manufacturer official site and follow some screen instruction while downloading.

Method 4: Change your DNS settings

DNS stands for Domain Name System. By changing your DNS your error may reduce. If you were changed your DNS to other good one want to check for changes here we will tell you to change DNS settings. Follow us with given steps below

  • Open taskbar and click on network button then go to “network and internet setting”
  • In the next menu click on “change adapter option”
cold war 345 blazing gator error
  • Now you can see the option on top which is how to connect to internet in wifi or mobile data.
  • Now click on properties and select internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPv4)
cold war 345 blazing gator error
  • Also once again click on properties and select “use the following DNS server addresses “ and enter 8.8.8 and for alternate enter
cold war 345 blazing gator error
  • Before closing save everything
  • Now open command prompt with admin privileges just by right clicking
cold war 345 blazing gator error
  • In the command prompt window type “ipconfig/flushdns” then click enter
  • Finally restart your pc and check error occurs

Method 5: try using a Virtual Private Network

Surely VPN will help you. Once you have installed VPN it will take care everything like NAT to firewall exceptions. We tell you some tips that it is better to use paid VPN than free VPN. By using VPN you can enjoy high speed internet. We tell you some of the best VPN in market. It was used by large amount of people.

Final words

Try all the above fix surely any one of the above fix will solve your problem. I hope the above given information will help you to solve your issues.

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