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How to Chromecast Skype Calls on TV?

Skype Chromecast is possible. You could cast the screen of your android phone,iPhone, laptop or MAC just associate chrome caster to your device and go to your device setting now you search a cast option. just pick on cast screen now you could Chromecast and display on your TV.view

Chromecast is managed and it is a PASSIVE HDMI video steamer. you could simply use cast function to view your call on your TV but you till want to carry your device. because it is not two methods there is no mic and nor user interface and you must have an enable connection on your device to continue streaming and create call possible Chromecast is one of the craziest features to create a video call More instrusting which make Skype more useful.

Features of Skype

Skype has a lot of features in order to manage the application in several ways. Few of them are:

  • Skype is available on smartphones, desktop, tablet, web, Alexa, Xbox.
  • Capable to attend a meeting in one click.
  • You could approach it from some other only with network connectivity.
  • Create phone calls at a lower rate.
  • It is accessible in 26 countries and the user could pay a flat fee for unlimited video calling.
  • Possible to send messages from Skype regularly.
  • Share the location with whom you want.
  • Background effects.
  • Send files upto 300MB (images, videos other documents).
  • Skype translator is an modern feature.
  • Capble to forward calls, Voice calls, etc.

Two ways to Chromecast Skype Calls on TV

There are two different methods to Chromecast Skype calls to TV. 

  • Managing Google Home Application on a smartphone.
  • Managing the Chrome Browser on a desktop.

Requirements to Chromecast Skype on Desktop/Laptop

  • Google Chromecast or Google Chromecast Ultra device.
  • Smartphone (Android/iPhone).
  • HDMI port cable.
  • Google Home application.

Chromecast Skype Calls on TV – Using Smartphone

The procedure to Chromecast Skype Calls to TV using Google Home application on Smartphone are as follows:

Step(1) firstly, connect in the Chromecast Device to TV via HDMI port Cable.

Chromecast Skype Calls on TV

Step(2) The user has to make sure that both the devices are connected to same Wi-Fi network. 

Step(3) Download and install the Google Home Application on Google Play Store.

Chromecast Skype Calls on TV

Step(4) To start the Google Home application in your Smartphone.

Step(5) while it is switched on, then the name of the Chromecast device would appear on the home screen. Choose the device.

Step(6) pick “Cast My Screen” situated at the bottom of the screen. 

Step(7) A pop-up screen display below the head “Cast to mirror device”. Hit on “Cast Screen”.

Step(8) The user could able to search a Warning pop-up screen that represents the sensitive info. Pick on “Start Now” option to proceed further.

Step(9) here, your Smartphone screen would appear on TV. You could open the Skype app and start creating calls on TV.

Requirements to Chromecast Skype on Desktop/Laptop

  • Google Chromecast or Google Chromecast Ultra device.
  • Smartphone (Android/ios).
  • HDMI port cable.
  • Computer (Desktop/Laptop)
  • Internet Connection.

Steps to Chromecast Skype Calls on TV – Using Desktop/Laptop

The procedure to Chromecast Skype Calls on TV managing Chrome browser application on Desktop/Laptop are as follows:

Step(1) firstly, ensure that your Google Chromecast device and desktop are associated to the same Wi-Fi.

Step(2)To start Chrome browser in your desktop/laptop.

Step(3) In the Chrome browser, open Skype from its official website.

Chromecast Skype Calls on TV

Step(4) Sign in to your Skype account managing email address and password.

Step(5) afterwards logging in, pick the three-dots situated in the top-right corner of the browser screen.

Step(6) pick on Cast from the under options. It would make Chrome to search nearby devices associated with same Wi-Fi.

Step(7) A small tab views below the heading Cast tab, pick on Sources.

Step(8) choose Cast tab, in order to cast the particular tab to TV.

Chromecast Skype Calls on TV

Step(9) Google Chromecast device name would be viewed in the Cast tab. Pick on it to cast the device with TV.

Step(10) Though all these steps are executed, the Skype page would be displayed on your TV. Here you could start the Skype call.


  • Despite all this, you could only view the Skype calls but to listen with that person you have to manage the Smartphone camera and mic.
  • If you are managing an iPhone, then you could use “Streamer for iPhone” to Chromecast Skype calls on TV.


The user could select some ways  as mentioned above depending on the requirement. Skype is far greater and secure once compared to other similar applications. 

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