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How to Change Notification Sound on Snapchat

Snapchat is a reliable app to share your normal moments promptly with your friends and family members. Separately from images, you could also send text messages, videos, stickers, and drawings to your friends. Through default, Snapchat usages a peculiar notification sound that might not please most of the users. After this, most of the users are pointed for methods to change the default notification sound of Snapchat.

Is it Possible Change Notification Sound on Snapchat?

No. It is impossible to set a isolated notification sound for Snapchat or any other message apps. We have also altered the default notification sound on our Android/OS device to alteration the Snapchat notification sound, but it also went in hopeless.

If you are aggravated with the repetitive notification sound of Snapchat, you could go off the notifications for Snapchat alone.


Step 1 :Open Settings and then choose Apps & notifications.

Change Notification Sound on Snapchat

Step 2 :Pick on the Snapchat app afterwards decide on the Notifications section.


Step 3 :Power off the notifications.

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Step 1 : To start  Settings and then Select the Notifications menu.

Step 2 :Swipe up the list and select the Snapchat app.

Step 3 : Closure the “Allow Notifications” bar to OFF.

If you need to mute the notifications of individual Snapchat contact, you could do it right from the app.

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Step 1 :Open the Snap chat app and launch the info page of contact where you want to mute the notifications.

Step 2 : Pick the three-dot menu icon on the info page choose Message Notifications.

Step 3 :Hit Silent to mute the notifications of specific contact.

Step 4 :Pick Done to apply the changes.

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