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How to Fix Camera Missing in Device Manager Quickly?

Many device of window system will display in device manager. Webcam is a device which you can see in device manger which is in under imaging device category. In recent days pc comes with shutter button that turns camera on and off. Even the camera turned off it have to show as a device in a device manager window. Recently we got complaint by window users that they cannot able to see pc camera in the device manager window. The system cannot detect webcam, while the camera is on state its shutter is not protecting the lens. This is not a simple issue because our full work is only based on system video calls. Here we tell you How to Fix Camera Missing in Device Manager Quickly

How to fix the Camera not showing in Device Manager?

Nowadays these issue happens commonly when your drivers are outdated or remove from your pc. Let us see How to Fix Camera Missing in Device Manager Quickly

Use the hardware trouble shooter

In windows operating system there is a useful feature called troubleshoot it will scan for a problems and try to fix it even when your camera is not in on state

  • At first press window + x then you can see list of options there select setting
  • Then in the window & security window click on the trouble shoot tab which is located at the left pane
  • Now you can see hardware and sound option click on it and then click on “run the trouble shooter”
  • Now window will scans for problems occurred if any issue finds shown on the screen then troubleshoot will fix it if you can’t find fix option otherwise you can also solve them own
  • Now just click on the “apply the fix” option the troubleshooter will solve
  • Finally restart your pc

Turn on the Webcam

In windows pc you can see the option disabling the web camera by limiting access to it. Check your camera setting it should be turned on if it not then set on here we tell you how

  • At first press window + x and select settings
  • There click on privacy
  • In privacy setting window click on camera tab where you can see on left pane
  • Now you can see camera access option under it there is an change button click on it if it is set as off then turn on it
  • Also check under the “allow apps to access your camera” keep toggle on it will allow all the apps to access your camera

Install the latest drivers for the webcam

If your drivers were outdated for a webcam also a reason that the camera not showing in the device manager so we recommend you to update your drivers regularly. Here we tell you how

  • At first you have to go to webcam manufacture website officially
  • There you can see a setup files for windows just click on it
  • Also by using third party utility program you can update your driver but it is not free you have to pay for the service
  • It will automatically scan your pc for any outdated drivers

Manually add the webcam in the Device Manager

Also by using legacy hardware setup process you can add webcam to device manager window. Here we tell you how

  • At first window + R it will open for run dialog box
  • There type “devmgmt.msc” and click ok
  • In the device manager window click on action option where you can see list of options from that click “ add legacy hardware”
  • Now you can see add hardware window then click for next
  • Now click on “install the hardware that I manually select from a list advanced option” then click for next
  • In next window it will show you a list of options there select “imaging device”
  • Now select the missing webcam from the device manager and click on device manager
  • Now your windows has started to install this new device after the device added to your pc restart your pc

Reset the camera application

This process will be simple but solved many camera related problems

  • At first press window + X and select setting
  • Then click on apps
  • Next in the app settings window click on apps and feature tab where you can see in left pane
  • From the list of application look for camera app at once you have seen then choose “advanced options”
  • There under the reset section you can see reset button just click on it
  • Finally you can able to see your camera in device manager

Reset Windows 10

This is the last method to solve in this you have to simply reset your windows to default have the chance to solve your problem. Here we tell you how

  • At first press window + X and from the list of options choose settings
  • Next click for “update and security”
  • In that window click on recovery tab
  • Now under the reset this pc section click for get started button
  • Now you can see new window opening there click on “keep my files” option then click for next
  • Finally you have to click on the reset option and wait a min
  • After process completed restart your pc.

Even you tried all the method your problems has not solved then visit your nearest service centre.

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