Best Video Players for Chromebook

Chromebooks are Not like Normal PC or notebooks. In case you’ve lived with a Chromebook for a little while, you may understand that playing various video documents isn’t a simple endeavor. Additionally, it supports only a limited variety of sound and movie files. Hencethere are chances that you might not run a good deal of videos which you downloaded on your own Chromebook. Here, we’ll list you some of the very best video players to various sorts of movies and sound files in your Chromebook.

VLC Media Player

Best Video Players for Chromebook

Inarguably, VLC is the best video player which you may download on Chromebook or some other programs. You can stream all of the media files saved locally in your own Chromebook or from online sources. Chromebook users may download VLC media player straight from the Chrome net shop.

MX Player

MX Player

MX participant is your next video Participant which you could use to play video files in your own Chromebook. It’s the very first media player in the marketplace to think of the multi-code partitioning attribute. With the support of all HW+ decoder, you are able to apply hardware acceleration to videos in your Chromebook. If it comes to compatibility, it supports all sort of audio and video files which you may imagine.

As MX Player isn’t Available on Chrome shop, you have to empower Google Play Store in your own Chromebook in the ground right to get this media player.



KMPlayer In addition, it includes other attributes like section replicate, Google blur, blur style, URL playback, network playback, playback rate, and much more. Using URL input, it is also possible to stream YouTube movies in your Chromebook. The pop up play function enables you to view videos from the background. This means you can stream the movies while performing other work on your own Chromebook.

The Same as MX Player, KMPlayer is also unavailable on Chrome web shop. Download this media player by allowing Google Play Store in your Chromebook.

H.265 / HEVC player

H.265 / HEVC participant is a standalone player for your own Chromebook to conduct playback H.265 / HEVC media documents. Though it’s not successful as MX Player or KMPlayer, you do not have to change your Chromebook configurations to obtain this player. The player seems very straightforward and you do not require technical knowledge to operate this participant. Open Chrome browser and then click on the program icon and then drag the movie file into the participant to stream it.

Final Words

These are the best 4 Media players which you use to perform videos and calls in your Chromebook.

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