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Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone & iPad

Capturing full HD or 4K footage with your iPad or iPhone is a straightforward process, but sharing that footage through messaging apps or social media can be a bit more complicated. The size of video files recorded in 4K resolution is often measured in gigabytes and you have to compress them in order to share them with your friends. So, many people are looking for a video compressor app that allows reducing and compressing the file size. This article will discuss the best top app compressors for Android or iPhone & iPad, and the best way to compress videos without losing quality on Windows/Mac.

Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone

best Video to compress without losing quality we listed best apps given below

1  –  Video Compresso‪r And Editor

Video Compresso‪r - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone
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This app is has a very simple interface and variety of features which makes this app one of the best video compressor apps for iPhone. You can crop, trim, split, cut, and even merge videos that will fit into your screen or size. This app supports multiple resolution options for H.264 and HEVC files and other types of files too. Additional features of this app include multiple bit rate options, a preview function, etc.


  • This app provides you with easy as well as versatile video editing functions
  • There are a lot of stickers, filters and frames for fun and interactive editing and compressing
  • This app is also integrated with smart formatting and sharing options

2- Video Compress – Shrink Vid‪s

Video Compress - Shrink Vid‪s
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Shrink Videos is a very brilliant and a full featured video compressor app for iPhone, that is easy to use with amazing features like batch compression, cropping, trimming, and even helps to share them on social media platforms directly. It can efficiently shrink the size of the video by 80% and also save a lot of space on your device for other purposes. It can automatically identify large video files. This tool comes with many presets and helps you to reduce the size of photos as well.


  • This app also has some customizable sound and music effects that you will be able to add them in the background
  • The compressed video that are done with the help of this app, can directly be shared on your social media platform
  • You can just slide and trim, and then match with the effects, all with just a single click

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3- Video Converte‪r

Video Converte‪r - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone

Video Converte‪r helps you to achieve superior quality video compression with this one of the best video compressor app for ios and Android so far. This video compressor app is easy to install as it gives permission to only apps and does not depend much on internet connectivity. With Video Converte‪r you can convert videos to different video formats like Avi, Mp3, Mp4, Matroska, etc.  


  • This app provides free timeline editing functions and features for better usage
  • This app has a very good customer support service
  • There are many pre loaded filters. Apart from this, you could also create your own filters


VIDCOMPACT - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone

The next app in this article is the VidCompact. This is one of the best free video compressor app for Android is the VidCompact app. It can achieve compression up to 50% and supports batch conversions as well. You can install and use this app for free but there are certain ads that you will have to tolerate for a while.  It supports a wide collection of video formats for compression purposes. This app has a very easy to use interface and a quicker compression process makes this app one of the most opted apps for video compression among masses.


  • This app is equipped with many of the popular filters and sound tracks for your convenience
  • This app also has got high quality filters for the best mixing
  • This app also has a very good and interactive user interface

5- Video Compress

Video Compress - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone

With a childish name, this video compressor application can help you make your videos smaller very smoothly. You can resize your videos without putting any constraint on the original quality of the video. This app is efficient in helping you share the videos via email and across different social media platforms without any much difficulties. The app supports a number of different video formats.


  • There is customizable as well as full manual control functionality with this app
  • There are also many sounds such as animal sounds, explosions, etc.
  • This app is slowly building its fame across the globe

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6- Video Dieter 2

Video Dieter 2 - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone

Video Dieter app lets you share your videos conveniently on social media platforms. Besides having a very neat and clean interface, this app is loaded with amazing features and lets all the videos that you take with your phone to be stored in your mobile phone itself. This app allows you to trim and compress a video with fast transcoding ability. You can also choose the output video resolution and quality apart from adjusting the play speed.


  • There are many advanced and new video editing functionality within this app
  • There is also a very easy sharing option across various social platforms
  • There are also some after effect features like retouching and beauty effects for the compressed videos

7- Video Shrinker

Video Shrinker - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone
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If you wish to have a wonderful iPhone or iPad app that you can use to work with large video files and folders, Video Shrinker is a great option for having this app on your mobile phone. This application is not free, but it does not complicate the compression process and you will be able to understand the app and its working without any difficulty. You will just have to choose the material you want to work with on your smartphone or tablet. When you open folders, you will immediately see their size. Video Shrinker gives you the ability to reduce this file size by 80% or more, depending on how much space you need in your mobile phone.


  • This app has a very good and interactive background customization
  • There are also many templates and effects for adding it to the compressed videos
  • You could also use this app on your Chromebook

8- DESQUEEZE – Batch Resizer

DESQUEEZE – Batch Resizer - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone
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One of the most popular apps so far, that is also trending and becoming the most favourite apps among the netizens is the Desqueeze app. In addition to video files, the application also works with images. In any case, all these files are located in your gallery and have a common access path. This app has a very bright and simple custom and may even speed up your understanding and perception.


  • This app provides both photos as well as video collage options
  • There is also the feature of audio redo inbuilt with this app
  • There is also the option to add the slow motion or fast motion effect like in the cinemas

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9- Video Slimmer

Video Slimmer - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone
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All the iPhone, in fact, Apple users, know that even if you capture a small video clipping could lead to a very large storage on your mobile phone, which is quite frustrating at many a times. Suppose if you have more than one or two of these videos? What if you like to shoot videos all the time or even do blogging? In this case you will really need a really functional application Video Slimmer from the App Store. You can now edit videos right in your device. Also, the developers have created one convenient function, which also contributes to file compression. You can assemble several small clips into one and compress them into the combined version. 


  • This is considered as one of the most versatile apps ever
  • This app has a very good customer support system for their users across the globe and they work 24/7
  • This app provides professional level productivity that is absolutely free of cost

10- Smart Video Compressor

Smart Video Compressor - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone
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This app is also Best Video compressor app that iPhone has recognised in 2020 and this app has ability to reduce over 70% to 80% of the video size while compressing HD videos. This app will provide you options to compress video in 720p, VGA and also in  low quality video. This app will store compressed video file in you mobile and offer you option to delete original file.


  • This app is available in multiple languages
  • This is one of the most favourite apps among the netizens today
  • There are many online tutorials in YouTube if you wish to learn about the know how of this app

11- Resize Video

RESIZE VIDEO - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone
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Resize Video app has the highest rating on the App Store and also allows for changing and compressing the video files as needed. The videos taken on your phone can also be trimmed to remove the extra parts. If required, music can also be added to the desired video for personalization. If you also wish to generate a mute video, its audio can be removed when needed. The videos can be shared over Facebook, Gmail, and other social networking sites using the Resize Video app.


  • There are many customizable formats and samples for quicker productivity and versatility
  • There are also many adjustable texts options
  • There are also many numbers of free templates for your own use


VIDEO COMPRESSOR BY FBM - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone
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Having one of the best ratings, Video Compressor app is a very decent app developed lately. The app comes with a simple and a very neat interface that makes it easy to use for all types of users. The videos recorded using the iPhone’s camera can be easily compressed and reduced as per your requirements. The program supports 720p, VGA, and low-resolution compression as needed. Video trimming of the unwanted part can also be done.


  • This app is designed and developed using the most secured and safest algorithm
  • This app also has an inbuilt video effect background customization
  • This app offers faster compressing options as compared to the other apps

13- Video And Photo Compressor Pro

Video And Photo Compressor Pro - Best Video Compressor Apps For iPhone
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This video compressor app for iPhone is free to use and has a good app store rating. This app allows for video compression without any time limit or a watermark. Batch processing of multiple files is also supported for quick compression. With advanced algorithms, the app ensures compression in high quality. Compression parameters which is needed when time requires, can be selected, and there is also an option to preview the storage before and after the process, in order to have a good comparison of the process.


  • This app ahs won many awards and is also one of the best compressing apps so far that is available in the market today
  • This app gives you stable and high quality video compressing options and experience
  • This app is also equipped with easy sound track mixing and customizable FX effects


Besides, with the help of compression, you can also store in your mobile phone series, compromising yourself on the documentaries or just entertainment content. So, these are some of the Best Video Compressor Apps for iPhone which will compress your video files and make it easy to share and you can save that file in your mobile and this file will take your very small memory storage. Hope you like this article and is of much use to you.

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