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Best Spy App for iPhone

The Internet is today compulsory thing in our day-to-day life. But sometimes they are not safe to use for us and mainly for the children. It contains lots of contents and anyone has a great possibility of getting showing to it. Instead, we can find out a rise in digital crime rates. Thus, children can experience online abuse, cyberbullying, body shaming, and others. So, to look after the children and their online activities, spy apps are important to use. That can easily help use to protect your works and all our personal information. Here are the best spy app for iPhone.

Best Spy App for iPhone

Here are the best iPhone spy apps for parental control or employee tracking with an remarkable feature set.


FlexiSPY - Best Spy App for iPhone
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By using FlexiSPY on iPhone, tracking your loved ones’ online activity is already made easy and. No matter if you are a parent or owner of a comany, FlexiSPY allows you to track all things that is taking place on the iPhone distantly. FlexiSPY is the best-spy app that tracks all your calls, messages, photos, videos, device location, and etc. It is one of the greatest spy app for iPhone to support recording a massive number of social networking apps. Furthermore, it can pay attention and record the phone all around, VoIP calls, and others. You can see around 150 features with FlexiSPY and gives information. It needs you to escape your iPhone but will veil the traces of jailbreak on the iPhone.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with Lite ($29.95/mo) | Premium ($68/mo) | Extreme ($19.99/week)


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Spy everything with mSpy. It is one of the perfect spy apps for iPhone to distantly watch a child’s activity. mSpy makes sure your kids are in safe hands on the internet. You can check or track their call history, messages sent, received, and removed one. mSpy comes with highly developed monitoring features such as tracking online messengers, social media, media files, and web history. It also supports your tracking the existing GPS locationof the target device and its location history. Find out the browser history and searches completed on the incognito mode. You can check apps installed emails, text messages, notes, calendar activity, and etc.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with Basic ($29.99/mo) | Premium ($69.99/mo) | No-Jailbreak ($69.99/mo) | Computer ($29.99/mo)


iKeyMonitor- Best Spy App for iPhone
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Next great spy app for iPhone is iKeyMonitor. Parents use this device to track the kids’ iPhone. It is a sturdy and easy-to-use parental control app to track text messages, internet history, call logs, and apps installed. Moreover, you can check for the device site, contacts, social messages, and more. iKeyMonitor will allow you to defend your kids fromcyberbullying, stalkers, and other online bollies. You can find out their activity on the internet and safeguard them from wrong content. iKeyMonitor allows you to set time limits to obstruct your kids’ screen time.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with Free | Full ($29.16/mo)


Cocospy - Best Spy App for iPhone
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If you want to look after your kids or business, you can choose Cocospy. It is the perfect spy app for iPhone that allows youto reveal distantly without knowing. You can search out on iPhone data such as social messages, SMS, iMessage, call log, contacts, and more. It records media files, calendar entries, installed apps, notes, browser history, and etc. The advanced tracking feature of Cocospy such as seeingthe real-time locationof the target device. You will find GPS location, location entry and exit times, and many more.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with Family ($99.99/mo) | Premium ($10.83) | Business ($399.99/mo)


Spyzie - Best Spy App for iPhone
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You can choose the sophisticated mobile tracking process with Spyzie. It is one of the most excellent spy apps for iPhone that needs no jailbreak. Use this device to monitor everything on the target device. By using Spyzie, you can track the WhatsApp messages, Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger, browsing history, and many more. It is one of the most powerful phone spy apps that give alerts when it is considered as insightful information. You can even check out the timeline, call logs, screenshots, messages, photos, and etc. Thekeylogger will record all the input details that your kid types on the iPhone. Spyzie is mainly based on the cloud and you can track the target device information from the browser.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with Pro ($49.99/mo) | Ultimate ($59.99/mo)

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Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile - Best Spy App for iPhone
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Track the target device users’ activity with Highster Mobile. It is the best spy apps for iPhone. You can easily track your child, employers, and your personal data. It is the most dependable phone spy app that checks out SMS, GPS location, call logs, browser history, iMessages, photo, and video, and more. Highster Mobile supports monitoring the most popular social networking app logs such as Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Twitter, and etc. By using stealth commands, you can control the iPhone camera. You can also check out emails, calendar activities, installed apps, and other device information. Highster Mobile is introduced with one-time payment and you will obtain free upgrades for lifetime. It is a consistent tool that doesn’t need jailbreaking.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with One time payment| Basic ($29.99) | Pro ($69.99)


Autoforward = Best Spy App for iPhone
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Choose Autoforward to distantly track your kids or employees. It allows you track the target iPhone without jailbreak. Autoforward makes sure you the most honest mode of tracking the target device without them understanding. It will track your text messages, iMessages, calls, photos, and videos. You can also find out the installed apps, emails, social media platforms, search history, and more. Autoforward gives quick and fastest tracking the iPhone and you can easily view even the removed files. You can set off the target device from an isolated distance to catch distant images. It tracks remote uninstall, block apps, monitor running apps, and etc.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with One time payment| Basic ($29.99) | Pro ($69.99)

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GuestSpy- Best Spy App for iPhone
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Tracks the iPhone of your kids or workers by using GuestSpy. It is the well-known spy app for iPhone with comes with ample of striking features. GuestSpy supports monitoring the places, messages, calls, contacts, and etc. It also monitorssocial media messagesand calls such as on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and etc. You can also track the calls in real-time by using GuestSpy. It will give alerts when the target phone changes the SIM. GuestSpy stays undetectable and stays unseen. Therefore, the target device user will be oblivious of your spy performance.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with Standard ($20.99/mo) | Premium ($24.99/mo) | Gold ($28.99/mo)


XNSPY - Best Spy App for iPhone
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Monitoring your target device is easy with XNSPY. It is one of the most popular spy apps for iPhone with many exciting features. With the help of XNSPY, you can track and record the phone call logsand contacts of your children or member of staff. It checks the text messages and IM chats of WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber and more. XNSPY displays the media files shared over the social mediums. It allows you to check the place of the target device distantly, emails, and other online activities. You can find at the multimedia files such as photos and videos saved on the iPhone. The keylogger of XNSPY will track all the keystrokes of quick messaging apps. It comes with jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with Free Trails | Premium ($8.33/mo)

Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro - Best Spy App for iPhone
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Opt for the Spymaster Pro to spy on your loved one or your staff members. It is one of the top spy apps for iPhone to monitor its contents distantly. By using Spymaster Pro, you can easily track the entire iPhone. It comprises calls, messages, social apps, web browser history, emails, etc. Spymaster Pro users can also look forward to real-time GPS location of the target device. It is based on the cloud and you can look at the recorded features from anywhere. You can also look at the removed chat message. Spymaster Pro acts in theunseen mode entirely and comes from all the web browsers.

Plans & Pricing: It is available with iPhone package ($67.99 for 3 months)

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SpyEra - Best Spy App for iPhone
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This is a striking Apple spying app that comes with all the basic traits from tracking fast messengers to call logs. It is available with all advanced features like listening to the recordings of incoming and outgoing calls. Next, great feature of this app is that if the target person restores the SIM card, you are informed.


The iOS spying app is only best for the iPhones having iOS 10.2. Another need for the compatibility is that you just need to jailbreak your device before using the app.


SpyEra is quite high-priced. It comes with three-month package costs similar to the monthly packages of top iPhone spying apps. The app comes with only one package for 3 months, 6 months and its yearly package is available at $389!


SpyEra app comes with all the basic as well as great features


Spyic - Best Spy App for iPhone
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Spyic is the latest Android spy app; and. Spyic comes with all the amazing features that you can expect from an iPhone spy software.


Spyic runs with all the updated iOS devices working iOS 7 or above.


Spyic comes in three different versions of subscriptions such as Premium, Family, and Business. All three versions are purchased for a month, quarter or a full year.

Premium: It is available with 12-month license for $129.99 ($10.83/month)

Family (monitors up to 5 devices): It is available with 12-month license for $399.99 ($33.33/month)

Business (for up to 25 devices): It is available with 12-month license for $999.99 ($83.33/month)


It is available with all the benchmark iCloud spying features


iSpyoo - Best Spy App for iPhone
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iSpyoo is popular and top spying apps but it is important for its particular feature. It offers different device functionalities. You can track up to 3 devices in one subscription. But the app only works if the iPhone is jailbroken.


However, the app is well-suited with iPhone. The second limitation is that it requires physical access to use the app on the target iPhone.


iSpyoo comes with a wide range of packages for its subscriptions. At present, it offers three following plans:

Basic: The package ranges from $19.99 a month

Premium: It ranges from $23.99 a month

Gold: The gold is an ultimate package that begins from $25.99 every month


The major reason to subscribe to this app is its various device supports

The app is cost-effective and the packages are economical

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Our Opinion

These are handpicked spy apps for your iPhones. Thus, it depends on you what spy app is useful for you that meet your needs and requirements easily.

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