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Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android

Unlocking your SIM is made easier with the right app for you system or device. Some of the best software for the job come in the form of apps but there are so many of them that it is almost impossible to choose the right one. This is why we have taken the pain to write up and list the top 10 SIM unlock apps for Android devices.

The article below lists out the leading Android unlocking software in the category. Let us have a look at these one by one.

1 –GalaxSim Unlock

GalaxSim Unlock
Download In Google Playstore

He first and foremost app to feature in this list is the GalaxSim Unlock. This is an app that is designed to unlock the SIM for Samsung Galaxy devices exclusively. It completely eliminates the need for a sim network unlock pin to unlock the device, all you need to do is press a button and you can change your carrier SIM. The app itself is free to download but if you wish to unlock your device, you will have to subscribe to a nominal fee. It also comes with additional features that include the ability to Backup and Restore.


  • Using this app, your location can be traced out
  • Find My Device feature lets you lock your phone remotely
  • This app has an inbuilt anti theft alarm system

2- Device SIM Unlock

Device SIM Unlock - Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android
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This is another app that can be used to unlock a whole host of devices including almost all Samsung Models, LG models, HTC, Alcatel and Sony devices. It is also very easy to use and is one such app that is favoured by most of the mobile phone users across the world today.


  • You can locate or track your device from any where you are, even remotely
  • This app records the audios, videos and then uploads them to the cloud directly
  • This app has a very comfortable and user friendly interface

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3- Unlock My Phones

Unlock My Phones - Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android
Download In Google Playstore

This app will unlock almost all devices in the least time possible. Like all of the other apps that is mentioned and described on this list, this app also does this by providing you with unlocking codes for your device. It can unlock a wide range of devices including HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Blackberry among others. The app itself is free to download but you have to pay to receive the unlock features.


  • This app can automatically erase the internal memory and the external memory also
  • The person who tries to steal your phone, all of their activity will be recorded by this app and can be punishable by law
  • The pro version is available only at a very nominal fee, wherein you will get advanced features

4- SIM Unlock Mobile Phone

SIM UNLOCK MOBILE PHONE - Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android
Download In Google Playstore

This particular application is claimed to be one of the safest and easiest ways to unlock your SIM. The unlock SIM card system is preprogramed and the unlock codes are generated very quickly in the quickest time possible. The app follows very simple steps. To begin with, one needs to tap the unlock button, choose the device model, network, and type in the IMEI number that is specific to one mobile phone. This application is absolutely free of cost, letting your SIM enjoy the freedom from any network with no charge.


  • This app gives a GPS warning when the mobile phone’s battery goes too low
  • This app has a very good customer support system
  • Using this app, you can send an attention word which you can send to your lost phone from any other phone for that matter

5- SIM Unlock for HTC phones

SIM Unlock for HTC phones - Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android
Download In Google Playstore

This is another app used to unlock SIM cards of your HTC devices. Just like any other software apps, the installation of this app is also available at free of cost, but this app will ask for a subscription to get the codes. Unlike other apps, it provides an interface that helps you while unlocking your SIM.


  • This app automatically sends out an email to you when your mobile phone is unlocked or turned off, in fact, even when you change your SIM card
  • The free version has some of the features, but for the more advanced features, you will have to upgrade to a professional level
  • This app has alarms, maps and also remote control features


This app can be used on your phones and tablets as well to choose a network operator. This app is quite different from other apps, in that, this app does not require any code to unlock the SIM on most of the models. Apart from the backup, one can get detailed information about their phone’s lock state and other statistics as well. The reviews for this app are satisfactory. The majority users have given a full 5 star for this application.


  • This app has a stunning feature of remote listening
  • This app sends low battery information notification
  • You can also remotely lock your mobile phone device using this app

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7- Sim unlocker – simulator

Sim unlocker - simulator - Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android
Download In Google Playstore

With the SIMUnlocker – SIMulator, one can easily unlock their SIM card and change the network with just one click and hence save much of their time. Initially, the app costs zero amount to buy and download, but later insists on making an in-app purchase. Also, this app assures the backup of all your personal data and saves them on your email or drive account. But this app limits its service to few devices and they have also planned to expand their facility soon with many new features. SIMUnlocker has been rewarded with a good rating from many happy customers and users. 


  • This app is limited to use to only 3 devices at a time
  • You can unlock your phone with different types of security such as pass codes, passwords or PINs
  • This app is compatible with almost all of the mobile phone types and devices


PHONE UNLOCK CODES - Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android
Download In Google Playstore

Phone Unlock Codes is a 10 year old application is considered to be dependable and affordable. You need to give the IMEI number and the code will be generated to unlock the SIM. The app can be installed on a variety of devices like HTC, LG, and Huawei etc.


  • There are many customizations for unlocking your SIM
  • This app is one among the best the available apps
  • This app has a very easy and an interactive user interface

9- Mobile IMEI Unlock

MOBILE IMEI UNLOCK - Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android
Download In Google Playstore

This app provides service for over 1300 Android models with a secured doctor SIM’s IMEI method. Unlike other applications, they have personalized customer care, assisting you while unlocking your SIM. The price of the application is quite affordable and also very nominal. In rare cases of unavailability of codes, the company claims to initiate the refund process, which is one of the striking features of this company.


  • This app has a very good and a caring support system
  • This app is designed and developed using the best security algorithm
  • The developers of this app update the apps on a regular basis and come up with new and best features


EASY PHONE SIM UNLOCK - Best SIM Unlocking Applications For Android
Download In Google Playstore

This SIMple app can be used to unlock the locked SIM of an Android device. And choose a different network. The brands this app supports with its services are Motorola, LG, Alcatel, HTC, and Huawei. With some good and satisfied reviews, this app has a moderate 3.5 rating and many having a good opinion on the app.

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Hope this app covers all the necessary details for all of you. You can whole heartedly trust all the details and the features of the apps that have been listed here, as all of the data have been taken from trusted websites from the internet. Hope you try out these apps suggested here and then select which one best suit your need.

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