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Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad

With the appearance of smartphones and different scanning apps, you can look into documents and change them into a PDF or any other format within a few seconds. There are lots of scanning apps available for the iPhone, and it is not easy to choose the best top one. Thus, we have listed an option of best iPhone scanner apps that offers flawless document scanning experience.

Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad

The following apps are chose as Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad by considering different factors like

  • user-friendliness
  • different formats
  • sharing ability
  • precise text recognition
  • price        
  • image quality and
  • safety measures

Scanbot Pro

Scanbot Pro - Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad
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Price: $99.99 + in-app purchases

Perhaps, Scanbot Pro is the top-notch application that is available with an easy interface to examine the documents and QR codes. It provides a powerful bunch of features for precise text recognition along with sharing options. You can share the scanned files through email or upload them to cloud storage such as iCloud, Box, Dropbox, and Evernote. The app allows you to scan different types of documents, such as books, business cards, and even images. It also carries out OCR in 60 different languages, and we are highly amazed with the productivity that we obtained.

After scanning the documents, you can also edit them with using different types of tools such as rotate, crop, file name, and more. Most of all, Scanbot Pro is the perfect one for the users who want added scanning features.

Microsoft Office Lens

Price: Free

Microsoft Office Lens - Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad
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If you’re known with Microsoft Office, then Microsoft Office Lens is best for you. The scanner is available for free, and use it to capture images of whiteboards, documents & notes, and then you can also save them into diverse formats such as PDF, Word, Powerpoint, and more. It also supports uploading files to OneDrive and OneNote.

Also, use the manual and automatic scanning platforms to scan either single or multi-page files. After scanning, it shows different editing options to include text and carry out markups before saving. The only drawback with Office Lens is that you have to install Word on your iPhone for this app.

Adobe Scan Digital PDF Scanner

Adobe Scan Digital PDF Scanner - Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad
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Price: Free + in-app purchases

Adobe Scan is next important and dependable scanning app you can download on iPhone and iPad. It is also coming for Android devices. This app is founded by Adobe, it make use of the camera on your device to get the copy of a document and then saves to a PDF file. Before going to save, you can transform or adjust the dimension of the file by making use of the preview option. It also offers editing options to cut, turn around, transform the colour and etc.

The secure incorporation with other Adobe apps allows you edit, interpret, sign, and act collaboratively with the documents that you scanned. Ultimately, the application is available for free to download. But, you can get into the in-app purchases for added features.


Notes - Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Free

Notes are a pre-installed application available on your iPhone working iOS 11 and afterwards. If you uninstalled mistakenly, you can download it through the App Store. Furthermore, taking notes, you can also make use of this app to scan documents.

Introduce the Notes app > click + icon > choose scan documents > scan the pages > make the modification and save the file to your device. It also supports including a signature to your documents. The only downside of this application is that you can utilize this app to scan the document, which is limited to 24 pages.


CamScanner - Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Free + in-app purchases

CamScanner is a perfect iPhone scanning app for experts. However, this option is available to scan documents, it supports incorporating with different cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, Box, and lots more. If you’re paying attention, you can ask your team members to include their views and comments to your scanned documents.

The highly developed editing features of the CamScanner app comprise adding Watermark, passcode, and the functionality to interpret the document. You can also purchase a premium version to obtain 10GB of cloud storage, edit OCR results, set download PDF files, and lots more. CamScanner is considered as one of the top-notch scanner apps for iPhone.

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable - Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad
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Price: Free

Evernote Scannable is the most effective application to scan and save documents in digital way. The auto-scanning form is very fast and quick. Therefore, the application allows you scan multi-page documents simply and fast. The app allows you to scan receipts, sketches, business cards, paper documents, multipage documents and many more.

After scanning, you can also save the document in either PDF or image format and then upload it to the Evernote. The disadvantage with Evernote Scannable is that the app that offers only two editing traits: crop and rotate.

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Best Scanner Apps for iPhone & iPad
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FineScanner can captures books and documents quickly, and making PDF and JPG copies, and using online OCR for text recognition. This assists when you want to do further editing and sharing.

This app also scans a wide range of documents with the best digital copies and the scans can be accessed with Siri shortcuts.

This is done through Book mode in your camera catches shots of facing book pages, splits them into different images, and improves distortions or lighting defects

Attention searches for support and 3D touch and it is equipped in file storage with search and tag abilities. You can also share Export, and AirPrint scans. Thus, a premium version is available that allows you use all the app’s functions, and it is available for free.

How we picked?

You can find lots of mobile scanning apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and most of them have good reviews and best-sounding features.

And let’s know how to choose the best one:

Ease of use: Therefore, scanning apps need to be easy to use; otherwise you won’t like to use them. We searched for apps with spontaneous controls, a considerate layout, and useful features including automatic document recognition and capture.

Good image quality: However, the scan quality is somewhat dependent on the quality of your phone camera. Different apps offer diverse scan resolutions and diverse filters, some of which are far better than others at eliminating wrinkles, shadows, and other marks.

Precise text recognition: The top scanning apps make use of optical quality recognition (OCR) to find out text in an image and transfer it to an editable document. Some apps export raw text (either as a TXT file or copied to the clipboard), while others offer formatted text in RTF or DOC files. Generally, having more alternatives is better.

Ample sharing options: A good scanning app provides a convenient way to share your scans and OCR results on all the channels you like to use—email, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, printers, faxes, and more. If the app can automatically back up scans to cloud storage.

Different format options: You’ll most likely end up scanning text documents and receipts many times, but a perfect scanning app should also be expert at catching less-common materials like whiteboards, book pages, newspaper and magazine articles, and business cards.

Attention to security: We were doubtful of apps that promote you (or require you) to upload your scans to their personal cloud servers for storage and OCR, and those that don’t give obvious security and privacy policies. However, we searched for a guarantee that apps won’t sell or share your data without permission.

Annotation and editing features: Once you find a good, clean scan, you just want to mark it up—set some Xs so your client understand where to sign, for example, or highlight text, add notes, or even set your own signature on an agreement.

A reasonable price: We consider more people don’t mind paying a bit for a top-quality app, but we direct a doubtful eye on apps that has great demand a frequent subscription charge or have a strangely high up-front price, that is more than about $5. And obviously we looked positively upon any app that offers high-quality scanning and functional features for free.

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To Conclude

It is vital to download the right app to scan the paper-based stuff such as letters, documents, receipts, or contracts right from your iPhone. You should try these apps now.

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