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Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad

You can mostly see a person getting keen to NEWS and daily occurring all over the world. Previously, people loved to read the news in a newspaper or watch it on the TV. But today, news articles are available on internet. You can install the best news apps on your smartphones on Android or iPhone and you will be updated with the latest news worldwide. There are lots of news channels that have built-up a news app for smartphones. If you want to use an iPhone or iPad, then here are the best news apps that update every day.

Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad

Here are the best news apps for iPhone and iPad:

  • Apple News
  • Google News
  • The New York Times
  • Flipboard
  • Feedly
  • News 360
  • Circa (Free)
  • Pulse (Free)
  • Zite (Free)
  • Google Currents (Free)
  • Digg (Free)
  • Pocket (Free)

Apple News

Apple News - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Apple News is an ideal app available on your iPhone and iPad. This application has tons of magazines and newspapers from different sources to update every day. You can follow your desired news journals and publications to obtain new updates from them every day. Apple News is coming for free with confined features. If you wish to get fully featured news, then you need to subscribe to Apple News+ which is available with a month free trial.

Google News

Google News - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Google News application is one of the best Google browser packages. It plays a vital role in the news business. Google News is operated on both Android and iOS devices. It lets you to get over 1000 articles and magazines. This application comes with its own exclusive features. If the internet speed is very low, Google will lead you to have low-quality images and download the data with offline use. Likewise, articles and publications are also downloaded through Wi-Fi or mobile data that you can read offline as well.

The New York Times

The New York Times - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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It comes with its footstep from years. However, it is one of the most popular news applications. It comes on both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) platforms. The New York Times is prominent for breaking news, social media sharing, and offline reading. There is an exceptional feature that is not available in any other application. That includes video and audio playback alternatives to hear and see than reading. Other exciting features are to save articles to read offline, share articles, and photos in our desired platform. The reader can play small-puzzle every day and night readers can open the night mode for the dark-matched theme.


Flipboard - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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It is a popular News apps widely used in both Android and iOS devices. It comprises contents all over the world and it will be reduced by its editorial team to offer the news updated. Social media feeds and different articles, magazine publications, and also different topics written by other users are published here too. With the Smartphone, the News is given bullets that are easy to understand. It offers a perfect reading experience with its “flip” cartoon between the pages.


Feedly - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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It is a popular news app for the iPhone. It comes with Android and iOS platforms. This app has over 40 million subscribers and 2000 topics of blogs, magazines, and publications from 50 nations. It is popular for its blogs, publications, YouTube channels, and other article associated cover stories. The posts can be saved on your iPhone by clicking on the bookmark icon. It supports different formats and layouts for different topics you have chosen. It comes with a better interface with color options which draws the viewers and readers.


BBC NEWS - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) News is a popular news platform which offers innovative updates of technology, best-story contents, magazines, business, and articles. Through this app, you can easily find the worldwide content and shows it through a smartphone application to come across the reader’s requirements. This app can be accessed with best interface which is very compact and tailored with new updates. It has better quality content in an elegant manner. BBC News comes with a live radio feature with audio and video content.

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NEWS360 - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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This Application is available with feature-rich content in exposure of exact news such as sports, politics, cinema, share market, and etc. You can access in all parts without buffering in smallest amount of internet connection. News360 comes with an audio briefing option if the reader is a Premium News360 subscriber. It is coming for Android and iOS devices. It has been tailored to draw the reader with its easy and clear features. You can read and share news, blogs, and stories without blocking the application with the News360 premium.

Circa (Free)

Circa (Free) - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Circa is a pretty young app, but its dealing of news stories and smooth interface makes it an amazingly thrilling vista. Despite of just repeating articles from the Web, Circa makes use of a team of in-house editors to build new, small-sized stories with only the important facts, quotes and photos.

These are separated so only a single story part is visible on-screen one time only. The short nature of each ‘chunk’ and the smaller extent of Circa’s articles assist you to come apart with the help of news easily and professionally.

In a nutshell, it’s news continued for mobile. The app comes with in-built from the ground-up to assist users who would like to scan over the news in a small space of time. There is only some news lists as of now, but we expect that schedule to develop pretty speedily.

Pulse (Free)

Pulse (Free) - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Pulse inhabits related space to Flipboard, getting you content from a huge number of different news outlets based on particular topics that you’re interested in. It is supported categories comprise technology, gaming, women’s health and men’s fashion, amongst others.

These parts are then scheduled in a standard side bar, each of which holds a network of small squares showing several other articles. Each horizontal row shows a diverse publication and you can also include your sources by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen.

Lots of information is packed in here, but it’s an efficient overview that provides you the ability to pick from different types of stories. The reading experience is also a great with a clear font and shipshape design.

Zite (Free)

Zite (Free) - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Zite would like to create the Web stunning. The home screen represents a perpendicular feed of pertinent articles with huge, beautiful photos beneath. It’s a pleasure to use, though you won’t be accessing through newswires.

You can choose your topics and preferred news outlets, or request some recommendations that are based on your Pocket list, Twitter and Facebook accounts. The delight here is that you can choose really exact subjects; for me that comprised The Legend of Zelda and the PlayStation 4.

The app also augments its recommendations based on your reading habits. Hence, the more you read, the smarter it obtains. You can also look for any topic by using the increasing glass in the top left-hand corner of the screen, which shows you’ll never be left desire an attractive article to read.

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Google Currents (Free)

Google Currents- Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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When you think about what Google is well-known for, Currents has no such feature. Search, Gmail and Google Maps; these are the products that the technology huge is identified for.

Google Currents is a firm app though. Content is shown in a perpendicular feed like Zite, next to a wide range of pre-determined publications in the topics such as news, lifestyle, and sports in the sidebar. It doesn’t feel pretty as flexible as Zite or Pulse – direction-finding just feels a bit more complicated – but it is still possible to search for and includes custom publications.

Swiping left and right allows you move between different publications within a list, while clicking the drop-down menu transforms the part used by that specific website of blog. The layout of each article is smooth and easily clear; you can also share each segment to Pocket, Instapaper and some social networks.

Digg (Free)

Digg  - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Digg is a perfect social news aggregator site that was obtained and re-introduced by Betaworks past year. Today, it stands as a dependable source of news and thorough features from across the Web.

The iOS app modifies Digg’s small interface for the smaller screen, as it adds the right amount of space to banners, photos and news sources. Articles can be seen as a Web page or re-formatted to integrate with Digg’s fresh, consistent aesthetic.

There is not in the manner of clearing or lists (moreover from a generic search bar) but Digg’s big success blow is the addition of an RSS reader, related to Feedly. A single click gets in a side bar found with all of your bespoke feeds and lists, where you can also include news sources and save articles for reading.

Pocket (Free)

Pocket - Best News Apps for iPhone and iPad
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Pocket is our favourite and can save it for reading app on the iPhone, However, Pocket can be downloaded the post to your devices for protection. Thus, at whatever time you find yourself with some time to exterminate – perhaps you’re waiting at an airport or fixed on a train at any rate a few hours – you can go off launch an the app and access into your made reading list.

You’ve opted for all of these articles, hence, there’s no need for Pocket to provide you recommendations. The app shows every story with an exposed back design. It’s amazingly stylish and easy to read, but if you choose the unique Web view that’s also available always.

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Our Opinion

The aforesaid are the best news app for iPhone and iPad which will get you the latest news at your fingertips. It is most important to continue with world news and it is possible with these apps on your devices. You will obtain all trending and breaking news on these apps.

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