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Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Do you also love to design a business logo for your profitable business or for other occasions? There are lots of logo maker apps offered for the iPhone to get the job done immediately and aesthetically. With such striking logo maker apps are fast and easy to use, some of them are costly and offer very limited features. Thus it is quite tough to find the right one. So, if you want the most excellent one, here, we have mentioned top 11 logo maker apps for iPhone which are opted and used by our editorial team.

11 Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. Makr
  2. LogoScopic Studio
  3. ICONA Logo Maker
  4. DesignMantic
  5. Designapp
  6. Logo Maker
  7. Sketch
  8. Watercolor Logo Maker
  9. Designed by: Tap Flat Apps
  10. 3D Logo Design Services
  11. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Before we will start about the logo maker apps, we will know what are all about such apps and why we use them.

What is a logo design app?

A logo maker app is a great option that will let you to design a logo right on your mobile or tablet device. They’re quite same to web logo designers and parts from that, as they don’t work on a desktop computer.

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Here’s what the procedure seems for most logo maker apps:

  1. You choose a primary icon or template amid the options offered.
  2. You tailor it with your favourite colors, fonts, backgrounds and other components.
  3. In the end, you also download the result as an image on your phone or then you can forward it to yourself through email—there are several different logo maker apps those all offer different options to download, file format and resolution.

Why want to use an app despite of desktop-based services? The final do offer a huge screen to check options and edit your logo turnover it’s pixel-perfect, which is definitely a bonus compared to the minor mobile screens.

However, logo design apps have benefits as well:

  • Great convenience. First of all, and of course, you can easily make use of them any point of time and every place. This might look like surplus at first, but it makes a great difference when you think about that the life of an industrialist is always on the go, running from one meeting to a new. Thus it’s quite easier to cut out 10 minutes here and it has with a number of iterations of a logo on your phone, as against need to sit down in front of your desktop to get it completed.
  • Easy, accessible interface. Next thing about this app that provides a great user interface than most of their web. Because the mobile screen real estate is considerably smaller, the apps are generally well-designed and direct you from one step of crafting a logo to the next without overpowering you. Furthermore, you can make use of your fingers to resize, turn around and move things around, which is highly fun than using a mouse.
  • Innovative designs. At last, the style and feature of the design you find with the apps itself is dissimilar. This starts extensively from one app to the other, but usually we have listed mobile logo maker apps to offer lots of state-of-the-art designs than several web-based logo makers.
  • Right fit for B2C brands or event-based logos. In general these logos look like to be a right fit for business-to-client brands, as the design moves toward fun, new and quirky, as against the more customary options offered in the web. In the same stratum, apps also offer abundant options for short-term, event-based logos, such like pop-ups.

If those terms don’t encourage you, maybe some images will so it! We gone through and tested a group of top-rated iPhone apps to craft logos those are like for my fictitious startup: Wander.

Wander is a prominent travel itinerary app. When you’re planning a holiday to a new location and you have listed things to find and do, Wander will assist you to sort out those concepts into an efficient itinerary. Pull and give your activities and Wander will put the whole thing into timetable, thus, you do not have to worry about logistics and just pay attention on having fun.

We want the logo for my app to be more fun activity, multi-coloured, and to make people consider of vacations.

Thus, you can also emphasize on your time on the top choices, we’re adding below a ranking of the logo apps we tested as per to these criteria:

  • User-friendliness: evaluates how easy to use and fast to craft a logo the tool is.
  • Customizability: evaluates how much you can modify the logo ideas, e.g. by color, layout, size, and more, from Low to High.
  • Cost: evaluates the charge to download the app itself and/or to download the logo you crafted, from 0 (when it’s entirely free) to three-dollar symbols as the most high-priced option.
  • Best for: as there’s not a common “top” app for all logo requirements, this is a fast tip on which type of business and brand each app is perfect for.


Download In App Store - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad

Price: Come in free of cost + in-app buying options
Designed by: Happy Media

Makr is the best logo maker application for the individuals who desire to design logos with the help of iPhone’s. Various templates are available to go with diverse occasions such as weddings, business, evens, sports, charity, and many others. You can opt for a template and apply the personalization features (text, shapes, icons, colors, and etc) this helps to create design a logo that is complete as per as your preferences. Despite of using the integrated template, you can also craft a logo by uploading your images and sizes as well. It supports all sharing crafted logos with friends to obtain their viewpoints. The application comes completely free to create a logo and it is one of the top logo maker apps for iPhone. However, you can buy this app at $6.99 and comes with each logo to download it.

LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

LogoScopic Studio - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Comes in Free + in-app buying options
Designed by: RoadRocks

LogoScopic Studio is a prominent logo designer for iPhone and iPad. The application comes with multiple features and loads of templates that can be tailored using various types of editing tools. The editing features comprise smart layering, fill & stroke coloring, configuration, cloudiness, framework-snapping, type kerning & leading, and etc. You can choose the symbol from different categories such as Iconic, Pro, Art, Lifestyle, Fashion, and People. You can buy LogoScopic Studio Premium to open all added fonts, logos, editing tools, endless active projects, and lots of other features.

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ICONA Logo Maker

ICONA Logo Maker - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Available at $1.99
Designed by: RoadRocks

ICONA is one of the top-notch logo maker apps available for iPhone by RoadRocks. This app comes with first-rate application. The price of this app $1.99 available to download the app. The major feature of this app is equipped with library that holds almost 1 Million fully-adaptable designs. It also comes with 200+ fonts which you can apply to design the logo. You can make use of the images either from the collection or from your camera roll. The creating logo can be taken in HD quality for digital and print uses.


DesignMantic - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Comes in Free + in-app purchases
Designed by: Right Solution
DesignMantic is the best logo maker application available for the business tycoons and allows them to promote their brands. By getting into your company tag, the app will show diverse logos to opt from. You can also select logos from the industry part. Once you selected the template, you can easily edit it with other fonts, colors, shapes, icons, and many tools. DesignMantic is very user-friendly via the web version.

The leading disadvantage with DesignMantic is that you have to pay $37 to sell overseas the logo that you crafted.


Designapp - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Comes in Free + in-app purchases
Designed by: Fatih Odunc

Designapp is also an ideal app to craft logos for your business. It is packed with around 600+ font styles, shapes, badges, icons, and many more things for editing. The app also has lots of crafted best designed logos, and you can buy this app for your business. You can download the logos right to your device and or you can get it directly using the email.

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Logo Maker

Logo Maker - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Comes in Free + in-app purchases
Developer: Bizthug Pte Ltd

Logo Maker is a premium and fantastic logo makers that you can easily find on the Apple Store. The application comes with an easy UI to design stunning logos just in a couple of clicks. It is available with 100+ fully bespoke designed logos, and you can edit it with highly developed design components. The features come in the free versions which are very limited. You can buy the premium version ($4.99/week or $39.99/year) to open a wide array of logos, icons, backgrounds, overlays, and etc.


Sketch - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Comes in Free + in-app purchases
Designed by: Orgajja Co Ltd

Sketch app is a top-rated logo maker app available for iPhone and iPad. It is an advanced tool that allows you to craft a logo from scratch. This app can be used as either on your finger or stylus to craft the logo. This app comes with great editing feature as it comprises adding background, stroke style, text, and colors. It also provides a database of incorporated fonts and icons to modify your design. Above all, Sketch is a suitable for the people who would like to craft an exclusive logo without any limits.

Watercolor Logo Maker

Watercolor Logo Maker - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad
Download In App Store

Price: Comes in free + in-app purchases

Designed by: Tap Flat Apps

Designed by: Tap Flat Apps
Download In App Store

You can opt for the watercolor-style logo maker app that is amazing app and it will comprise the background for your logo. After that, you’ll be directed to the editor, where you can change colors, edit text, and make further modification as well.

As the name suggest, this app comes with different watercolor style logos. Furthermore, if have an art store or; if your brand is attractive and a little fanciful; this is an ideal option. If you have a B2B company, choose this app now.

This app comes in free of cost and it has limited range, and pay up to $3 to unlock a detailed component (such as a logo style or an icon), or need to pay $10 to access to the entire options.

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3D Logo Design Services

3D Logo Design Services  - Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone and iPad
Download In App Store

The 3D logo designer is the perfect logo maker app. It is like other logo makers. It comes in both paid and free services for you. However, this 3D logo maker app assists you with such easy and basic rules for creating a 3d logo for you. It’s the perfect logo maker app Android 2020. You can pay attention to it to get the top results. It can also offer you with great features the moment to download this app and discover it further.

Logo Generator & Logo Maker android / iphone

Logo Generator & Logo Maker
Download In App Store

The tools are used in this logo maker app are more striking. You can tell that it is the ideal logo maker app Android 2020. It has more than 2000 symbols and stickers and more than 200 fonts and styles for you to craft your logo look the most excellent. You provide a bit time to this app for creating your logo look the best. These logos are utilized on your business deals sign or on your images to make people know it is yours and where you might like this logo are used as it represents you. Thus, Android users download this app and create yourself exceptional.

If you would like your own identification then these are some of the top apps for you to craft a logo for your business or firm or even an image. These are amazing and are easy to utilize with easy functioning working. They are the finest logo maker app Android/iOS 2020.

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