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Best Free Apple Watch Games You can Play

The Apple Watch is a great companion for the iPhone users, thus allowing them to check notifications at a glance, take calls, send walkie-talkie messages, and even check heart rate variability and heart rate recovery to keep a track of your fitness levels. In this article, you can make it even better with some great third party apps for Apple Watch. Now let us look at some of the most best and trending and free Apple watch games that you could play and enjoy in your free time.

1 – Infinity Loop: Blueprint‪s‬

Infinity Loop: Blueprint‪s‬
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If you an avid user and a very big lover of puzzle games, you must for sure check out the Infinity Loop: Blueprints Apple Watch game. This Apple Watch game basically puts a lot of collection of many pieces on your Apple watch’s screen, and you have to tap on them to rotate them and connect them together to form a closed loop. This Apple Watch game begins in a very simple way, but as time goes, it becomes quite challenging. Infinity Loop is definitely an amazing way to spend a few minutes on your Apple Watch with a slightly challenging game that is bound to entertain you.


  • Using this software app, you could involve in wars and battles
  • You can build you own village with different equipments that you won
  • This software app has been trending in this pandemic lock down

2- Dare the Monkey

Dare the Monkey
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Dare the Monkey is just a casual game that comes with easy controls and difficult game rules. In this Apple Watch game, you will have to jump higher for making those bigger jumps when needed to do so. The monkey runs by itself, so all you have to really do is to make sure you that you jump on time and avoid the wooden stakes that are purposefully put in the ground.


  • There are a lot of special spells to defend yourself in this game
  • This software app has got a very good customer support system
  • You could also level up your troops and train them for special skills

3- Solitair‪e The Game

Solitair‪e The Game - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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For all the card game lovers out there in this world, this Apple Watch game is the best and a perfect to play on your Apple Watch. As the name itself suggests, Solitaire the Game is a solitaire game where you have to tap on the cards and they will automatically get placed on the deck they can go to ultimately. All you have to do is to pick new cards from the deck, and the aim is to basically create groups of cards from ace to king, separated by card type.


  • In this software app, you could invite your friends to join and visit your village
  • A stable internet collection is required in this software app
  • The game is quite easy to customize in this software app

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4- Sudok‪u

Sudok‪u - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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For sure, everyone will know how to play this Sudoku game. This Apple Watch game is a game that a lot of people love playing and for good reason. It is definitely challenging and gives a lot of work load to your brain, also it is fun, and it fits perfectly within the Apple Watch’s screen.


  • You could play with all of your friends from the most popular social apps
  • There is an interactive coin system and many exclusive rewards
  • This software app has got very beautiful graphics in it

5- Time-Unit

Time-Unit - Best Free Apple Watch Games

Time Unit is yet another game for the Apple Watch that we have found to be quite fun for many game lovers out there. The game begins with a short backstory that is displayed in the form of a comic strip, and then you are thrown right into the game area. Basically, all you have to do is to explore various areas in the game, upgrade your character, and take on the enemies in order to earn more upgrades and rewards.


  • You could showcase your skills in online 1 – on – 1or in 8 player tournaments
  • This software app is integrated with a level up system user interface
  • This software app has got a very good customer support system

6- Field Day

Field Day - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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Field Day is a farming Apple Watch game that boasts itself as the tiniest farm in the gaming world. To be honest, this Apple Watch game is really tiny because it fits right in on your Apple Watch. The game works on both the Apple Watch as well as the iPhone and your progress is synced between both the devices, so you can play wherever you like and continue on whichever device you want.


  • This game is quite easy to play, but is very hard to master, so you will need loads of practise
  • This software app has got lots of awesome graphics and sound effects
  • This game also gives you rewards and pin options


COSMOS RING‪S - Best Free Apple Watch Games

Square Enix is the company behind the huge success of the Apple Watch game, named as the Cosmos Rings ($9). This Apple Watch game is able to manage the feel of a large and engrossing while sticking to a fairly simplistic gameplay loop. It is a streamlined combat game in which you will guide the God of Time through battles against neon monsters, right on your wrist, where you will wear the Apple Watch.


  • This software app requires no internet connection to play and enjoy
  • There is quite an impressive graphics and funny sound effects as well
  • You could also challenge your friends to play with you online and compete with them

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8- Pocket Bandi‪t

Pocket Bandi‪t - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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To be very crisp, this Apple Watch game Pocket Bandit transforms the Watch’s Digital Crown into the dial of a combination safe. You will just need to open up each safe by rotating the dial back and forth until the Watch vibrates, thus signalling you the correct number to enter. It is overall a very light weight Apple Watch game, but it feels really fresh and original.


  • There are lots of power ups in this game
  • This software app gets updated quite often
  • There are over 500 stunning and thrilling levels to play with

9- Letter Pad

Letter Pad - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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Here is a word game that will enable you to take your time responding, but it will at the same time test your word association skills. Letter pad Apple Watch game fills the screen with a grid of nine letters and gives you the task that you will have to discover using the words within the mess. But it is not just with the words you will need any more. They are complementary ones that correspond to a clue. So, the clue might be colours, tennis, or the grocery store, and you will have to discover which applicable words you can spell with the given letters.


  • You could buy power ups in order to increase your ability in this game
  • This software app has got a very good and an impressive customer support system
  • There are many characters in this game, that you could also customize

10- Brainess

Brainess - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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With the Brainless Apple Watch game, all that you get is a more robust wearable play experience with even more games to enjoy. Brainess Apple Watch game claims to be a brain trainer game, but really it acts more like a brain teaser at times, as when it challenges you to tap the largest number on the screen even as others throw you off with larger font sizes.


  • The environment of this game is also very interactive and very beautiful
  • This software app includes social media integration as well
  • There are also weekly give aways and daily rwards

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11- Bubblegum Her‪o‬

Bubblegum Her‪o‬ - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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If you are looking for a fun, free game that will help you pass your time on your Apple Watch even while you are sitting on the toilet or on the couch, this Apple Watch game called as the Bubblegum Hero is the perfect Apple Watch game. This is a simple game that you can play only on your Apple Watch. All you have to do is to tap and hold on the screen to blow a bubble and release when the bubble fills the dotted line.


  • There are many fascinating rides and lots of things to explore in this game
  • This software app has got a very seamless user interface
  • The graphics of this game is quite of high quality

12- QUESTiny

QUESTiny - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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Questiny is yet another fun-filled Apple Watch game that will keep a test on your memory. The objective of the game is to collect as many treasure chests as possible while at the same time, trying to avoid the obstacles. The game is laid out in a 9×9 grid where you are shown a quick glance of what the safest path is, and you have to do the rest through your memory. Questiny is a neat title that is also Apple Watch owned game.


  • You could visit another town and have alive chat as well
  • This game is quite addictive
  • This software app requires a very stable internet connection in order to play continuously

14- Box Pop

BOX POP - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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Box Pop is from the people behind Song Pop, that is the most addictive iPhone music quiz, and similar to the Song Pop, this Apple Watch game is a freemium app with in-app purchases. This game is based upon puzzles, and not of much musical knowledge, and it is based on the movement of a knight in a chess game. All you need to do is move your knight in an L-shaped patterns to pop all the boxes.


  • This software app game provides a huge area to discover and explore them one by one
  • There is live chat in this software app
  • This software app has got a very sleek and a beautiful user inteface

15- Rules‪!‬

Rules‪!‬ - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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Rules! regularly appears in lists of the very best Apple Watch games, with good reason. This Apple Watch game can be seen in almost all of the articles that is put up on the internet today, due to its amazing and brilliant features, while it has been around for ages. Rules! is a memory matching game, and that matching has to be done very much according to the titular rules.


  • This game offers you 6 challenging mini games for you to play
  • This software app game includes the stress releasing Zen mode
  • You could save coins to build your own kingdom


KOMRAD - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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Here is presenting you yet another brilliant Apple Watch story game. This time you are not talking with a person, instead you are talking with a Soviet Artificial Intelligence from 1985. It may also be connected to a great big pile of nuclear missiles. In some games of this particular one so far, making a mistake is not going to be the end of the world. Now let us have a look at some of their features in detail.


  • Using this software app, you can decorate your own kingdom as per your own wish and choice
  • You can create your own new levels by yourself using this software app
  • This software app game offers you cloud storage as well

17 – Twisty Colo‪r‬

Twisty Colo‪r‬ - Best Free Apple Watch Games
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The problem with many Apple Watch games is yours fingers and the touch problem. With a very small screen to play a game as such, any time you need to tap or press or slide you are covering up most of the game. That is often inevitable, but by trying to avoid it quite a Herculean task at hand. That is definitely true for Twisty Colour, which uses the Digital Crown as your controller. Like many of the most Apple Watch games that have been mentioned so far, this is a very simple and an easy game.


  • This software app game supports android devices like tablets, mobile phones and so on
  • This software app has got a very good customer support system
  • This software app game has full support for third party controllers and game pads as well


That sums up this article’s list of the best free Apple Watch games you should check out on your Apple smartwatch. We have nonetheless tried to include a fair number of free games and paid games for Apple watch OS in this article’s list. We hope this article is of much useful to you.

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