Best File Sharing Apps for Android

Apps Developed for the Android platform are innumerable. The report deals with the best file sharing apps for Android in short. Whether you wish to transfer files between a phone and PC or vice versa, or between two mobiles, you don’t need to rely on a USB cable. Sharing data between Android and other devices is made possible with the file shifting apps. Document transferring via cable transfers files at low rates while Bluetooth transfers only limited files. Hence, file sharing apps came into existence that shares data over wifi at high speeds. While there are plenty of such apps out there for Android devices, you can benefit from the best file sharing apps for Android right from here.

Top 10 Best File Sharing apps for Android


Best File Sharing apps for Android

The best file sharing app Device can be carried out quickly with SHAREit. It functions 200 times the speed of Bluetooth, and the maximum speed is 20Mb/s. You can share just about all of the file types like images, videos, music, files, and other documents. Along with this, SHAREit supports sharing App / APK files installed on your device with other people. It ensures that the quality of these files is not lost. SHAREit on Android has boundless online videos, countless high-quality audio, GIF’s, wallpapers, stickers, etc.. Most importantly, it comes built with a media player for smooth playback experience from inside the SHAREit app.

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Best File Sharing apps for Android

With the Xender app, Android device users can move files across devices. It transfers data in the flash rate, and the highest speed is 40Mb/s. Xender supports transferring all types of files with no limits. You can even move larger files without wires and internet connection. I.e., it is possible to transfer your old phone contents such as photographs, videos, games, SMS, etc.. The built-in file manager can allow you to see, move and delete the files from within the app. It’s available in 20+ languages.

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Best File Sharing apps for Android

Sending and receiving files is made simple with AirDroid. It is The best file sharing app for Android devices. It may be used to transfer data such as videos, music, photos, and documents. Along with this, AirDroid on Android supports sharing links and apk documents without wires. It even helps to shift an entire folder. Besides sharing, AirDroid may be used to take control of an Android apparatus from a local or remote network. With display mirroring, you can move anything from Android to PC. Additionally, it supports remote monitoring with that you can control apparatus camera remotely in real-time.


Best File Sharing apps for Android

File sharing between Android devices can be achieved using Zapya. It Is among the best file sharing app to transfer files without a net. This peer-to-peer file-sharing app supports sharing multiple significant size documents in one click. Telephone replication will work in this way that will help you back up and move files from old phone to new apparatus. You may share data using a group of around four people all at one time.

Send Anywhere

Best File Sharing apps for Android

Cross Windows 10 Mobile It’s a unique file shifting app that will transfer files without changing the original quality. Send Anywhere will demonstrate a one-time 6 digit key on the sender’s device, and it ought to be keyed from the recipient’s device. Just then, the file transfer will occur. It utilizes wifi Direct technology to transfer files, and your network or data won’t be used. You can even set an expiration date, and it is going to no longer available then on the receiver’s device. Send Anywhere Android app supports up to 50GB files at precisely the same time.


Best File Sharing apps for Android

Another most natural way to move files across devices is SuperBeam. It’s the best file sharing app for Android that utilizes wifi Direct to transfer files. SuperBeam operates at blazing speeds to discuss just all files instantly. It features photographs, videos, music, apps, contacts, zip files, etc.. Whether you wish to share multiple or single documents, SuperBeam does this effortlessly. Unlike its rivals, this tool supports sharing documents with people who don’t have SuperBeam via a web interface. It is possible to switch between dark and light color themes in SuperBeam. It’s available for free with advertisements, and the superior version is ad-free. The premium features include sharing whole folders, moving between PCs, sharing documents with more than one apparatus at exactly the exact same time, etc..

ShareMe (Mi Drop)

Best File Sharing apps for Android

To send and receive files between devices, it is possible to select ShareMe that was formerly Mi Drop. It’s an Android P2P file shifting app that works without the web. You can use it to move files without the internet or cellular data. It supports sharing documents of any kind and operates 200 times faster than Bluetooth. The interface of ShareMe app is clean, intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use. It will sort all of the documents into categories for easy reference. Even if the transfer got disrupted, ShareMe would restart moving. It’s the free file sharing app that supports file sharing with no advertisements.

Feem v4

Best File Sharing apps for Android

Cross-Platform It’s 50 times the rate of Bluetooth and doubles than Dropbox while transferring the files. You can send and receive unlimited files with no size limitations. Is uses wifi direct and uses your Android hotspot to make a network. Those connecting to the system will get the files. The users can share links and texts in a safe manner, and the messages will auto-delete the following 48 hours. Using Feem web share, you can move sensitive files with a browser that’s fastened with https and PIN codes.


Best File Sharing apps for Android

Cross Devices are employing 4shared app. This file-sharing app supports sharing files, videos, music, photos, etc.. It’s a public search alternative where you can easily search and find the names. With the user-friendly interface, you can transfer or insert files into your account. With the premium version, you can move files without advertisements, access 100GB of cloud storage, superior download, backing up, etc..


Best File Sharing apps for Android

Android users may also make use of Portal, Still Another file transferring app. You can wirelessly share data such as pictures, videos, and much more other files directly from your Android apparatus. The interface of Portal is accessible, easy-to-use even by novice users. It uses wifi to transfer files, and your information won’t be used. You may use Portal to share several files or whole folders itself. Other than this, it supports launching browsing and sharing documents you’ve got on Android.


Cross Thought of as the advancement of the earliest file transferring means. The apps we’ve got for you will move any files of any size in the fastest rate. It would be best if you had a net nor USB. We’ve followed any sequence while all of So, you may select any apps from the handpicked best File sharing apps for Android to share files immediately.

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