Best EPUB reader for android

Guys it is one of the best book reading app. Many people like to read books also it will be their hobby so that digital media has introduced this ebooks. And this ebooks can be replaced with physical book in many different methods you no need to carry heavy books at every time while traveling. This ebooks were available in EPUB formats by using EPUB reader app you can read in your smartphones. In that app you can experience many different tools like night mode, text size adjustment, notes, options to highlight, dictionary, language translator. Here we bring you best EPUB reader for android.

Best EPUB reader apps

here we have listed below the Best EPUB reader for android


Guys is the top most app to read books it is designed with good interface so you feel comfortable to read. This app supports for the formats like fb2, Docx, ODT, HTML, CBR, Mobi, PRC, rar and more you can connect with other device and you can share also

Google play books

In this google play books app you can experience different types to read in online by signing in by using your google account. You can also buy books, you can download them and read in offline mode. You can also clarify your doubts then you can get help from google assistant. Are you reading books in night time then you can use for the option night light settings it will protect your eye.


Kindle is the most popular app for reading books. Amazon is the owner to it and they offer many books, magazines, newspaper all for free. In this kindle app you can do many customization like font size, brightness, screen correction and more. For each and every chapter in book they provide sample and it is connected with google and Wikipedia to assist the reader

Moon + reader

This moon + reader app supports for many formats like EPUB, PDF, DJVU, MOBI, FB2 and DOCX and more. This app has the option to adjust line space, font scale, bold, alpha colours and fading edge. Also you can experience dual page mode, four screen orientation you can many books in single time. You favourite books can be saved in favorites, downloads, authors and special tittles.


For android users this app is the best choice you can read in offline for free. You no need to do any registration process and it has no ads, it will supports for the formats like EPUB,FB2, business PDF, docx, ODT, text and more it has spilt screen mode where you can read two books in one screen.

Fb reader

This app will be user friendly for all users and it includes books from English, French, Russian and polish libraries. This app supports for the different formats like epub, kindle, azw3, Fb2, djVu, PDF, doc, HTML, and more. It offers us dictionaries from online like dictan, colordict, fora dictionary and leo    


One of the best thing in this app is it is totally ad free. It will give you different themes and colours. You can highlight important points. They provide two modes to move to next page, scrolling, turning the pages.


Guys this app will be amazing to read here you can purchase all types of books quickly. This app will accept for the format like epub, mobi, DJVU, docx, HTML, CBR, CBZ, PDF and more. It has audiobooks you can also listen as audio. You can experience inbuilt dictionary, translator and Wikipedia

Kobo book

In this app you can customize as per your wish to read. This app provides you ebooks and audiobooks where you can access with kobo website. This app has the option where you can read one book in many device by using same login. It has the option to share in social media like Instagram and twitter.

ereader prestigio

This app will support for many different formats and language. It contains many bookshelf theme and background and you can create your space for reading. It has text to speech options and you can share with book with google drive, drop box to read multiple device. You can search the books by using authors name. All the above apps is Best EPUB reader for android which were tested and tried

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