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Best casting app for your smart TV – { 2020 } Latest

Top casting applications for your smart TV [2020]

Today, most televisions have much more to offer than just your favorite channel. With Smart TVs you can access your social networks, control it with gestures and voice commands, and use different types of applications. But, what if we want to play the games, videos, movies in the smart TV directly from our smartphones? Is it possible? Well, yes it is. Using a simple mirror casting application we can do it.

Mirror Cast, or screen mirroring is a handy feature when you need to share content from a mobile phone on another display, or access content from your computer from somewhere else. You can from playing media stored on your mobile device to your TV such as replicating your computer screen in another gadget.

Best Mirror Cast apps (screen mirroring)

In this article, we list the top casting apps, each with very interesting features like the chance to remotely control devices.


Plex is a service that offers a range of benefits to the user. For starters, when using the software, you need to access a server through your computer – whether it’s a desktop or notebook, as long as it’s turned on during your enjoyment. This is where you will save all your files, so you can save a multitude of movies, videos, and music and then play them on TV wirelessly.

Plex smart tv

You can also use plug-ins to make searching work simpler and faster, as well as using your smartphone or tablet to control file playback. Another quality worth mentioning is that Plex converts your data to formats read by your Chrome book. Finally, it is worth mentioning the fact that Plex is able to synchronize your library with cloud storage accounts.

Best Casting App for Your Smart TV All cast

With a simple interface, All Cast is capable of sending multimedia content to play on Chrome cast with no hassle and hassle. In addition, it is able to connect to other services such as Google+, Dropbox and Google Drive to display its content on the big screen. Simple for those who just want to consume content, All Cast is for those who don’t like complication. Compared to Plex, there’s the downside to no file formatting which can take a bit of work when you hit play.


Best Casting Appfor Your Smart TV localcast

You may have come to the third alternative on this list, and thought that the previous two do not fit your user profile simply because you need something really simple, but at the same time have slightly more advanced options. If you are one of those people, then Local Cast was made for you. This tool is designed for one purpose only – that you take the file from a storage device, and send it to a streaming device such as Chrome cast. The interface is simple, with no need to coordinate libraries or synchronize with other programs or services.

Chrome cast

Chrome cast App For Your Smart TV

The Chrome cast is a device that transform TVs into Smart TV that is very pleasing people. But it is a mistake to think that it only serves to stream content from apps, and websites like Netflix, and YouTube to TV. The Google dongle also has functions that can be very useful, and not so well known to many people. Using apps like Plex, All Cast, Local Cast, and so on, you can watch your movies, photos, music, and general multimedia content on TV with Chrome cast. Quite easy, and a great choice for those who are tired of the Netflix catalog, and other programs, and want to download movies.

Google Home

The Google Home is the dedicated application to stream content from your phone to a TV with Chrome cast installed, or the speakers connected to Google Home. In the case of Android, however, it is possible to mirror the screen of the phone on your TV, allowing the playback of content incompatible with the dongle. The feature is not available for iPhone. Google Home is free, but for mirroring to work, you must have a Chromecast connected to your TV.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

The Chrome Remote Desktop is an application that works in conjunction with the extension Remote Desktop Chrome. It allows the user to access their computer from their mobile phone from anywhere, and works great on smartphones. With it, you can access and control your computer easily, over the internet and securely. Chrome Remote Desktop is free.With this app, you can freely access and control your smart TV from anywhere, and it even works great for playing local videos over the internet.



The Apower Mirrorisa program that allows you to mirror the screen of your mobile PC, or smart TV by simply having the program installed on the computer. Stream iPhone from another device, or control Android from PC with keyboard and mouse, making it an interesting option to run Android apps on larger screens. Apower Mirror has a free version that displays an on-screen watermark which is missing from the paid version for home users.

Best Casting App for Your Smart TV Conclusion: which one is better?

It turns out that there is a high probability that you have invested a good amount of money in a model that is smart, but still new, and therefore not worth the mirroring system yet. For situations like this there is Chrome cast, a small device produced by Google that looks more like a USB stick. Connected to an HDMI input on your TV, it does the magic of “turning it” into a Smart TV. Among the many features that Chrome cast adds to the TV, the most interesting is the ability to watch content from your smartphone or tablet directly on TV – without cables and hassle free. Support for different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS run perfectly. This is an advantage of Chromecast over its biggest competitor, Apple TV. But, if you need something for personal use, you can bet on Team Viewer. Team Viewer is free, but only for personal use, with no corporate focus.

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