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TOP 10 Best Android TV Games You Can Play in 2021

Android TV’s release was really exciting and was the heartthrob for many netizens across the world. A little time has passed and although the adoption rate is not quite there yet, the apps and games available for Android TV have only been improving. Here are the best Android TV games currently available. However, please note that you will need a hardware controller or at least your Android TV remote for all of these games suggested below.

Best Android TV Games You Can Play in 2021

We listed here

1. Asphalt 8 : Airborne

Asphalt 8  Airborne - Best Android TV Games
Download In Google Playstore

Asphalt 8 is one of the most favourite mobile games of almost all of the generations, be it younger or the older ones. It is incredibly fun to play, and even comes with an online multiplayer mode, which makes it even better than the previous versions. On the Android TV, you can download this game from the Google Play Store. You could also run it on the Mi Box. You can also connect a Bluetooth gamepad to your Android TV. Once you do this, Asphalt will automatically detect it. This will also describe and outline the control scheme for your gamepad.


  • This game software is built with the best and powerful encryption standard
  • There are many new updates that will enhance the gaming features even more
  • The best part about this feature is that, as you start playing, you can buy more and more cars as per your choice
  • Many users across the world have given the best and world-class reviews and also a 5-star rating

2. Crossy Road

Crossy Road - Best Android TV Games
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Crossy Road is one among the fun game that will keep you highly engaged for hours and hours. The rule behind this game is simple – you just have tocross roads, while avoiding getting hit by traffic and also avoiding going out of the screen, as the camera keeps proceeding forward and you need to keep ahead of that. What makes this game so interesting and engaging is possibly the fact that you feel like it is easy to play, when it is actually not, and that it requires you to maintain a fast pace, right from the beginning if the game. Making your way through traffic is hard as far as this game is concerned, but the game quickly moves on to streams that you have to cross by stepping over logs and leaves.


  • This game is very good and also addictive
  • After each updates of the software, this game has become smoother and the controls are also enhanced
  • The concept of the app is fantastic
  • The developers are also working on rolling out the multiplayer feature in the upcoming updates’

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3. Crashlands

Download In Google Playstore

Crashlands is one of Android’s best games that tops the list on the on the internet today and it is also one of the best Android TV games. In this game, you crash land on an alien planet and must figure out a way to leave from that alien land. The game includes a massive open world, tons of stuff to do and craft, and a bit of some creative and innovative stuff to keep things moving along. This android TV game features cloud saving and cross-platform play with PC and iOS so you can play it on multiple platforms with the same file. Those who like open world games should definitely try this one. This game is now being played by almost all the people around the world today due to its real-life experience.


  • As you keep exploring the game and its world, you can unlock many craftable items
  • The creatures that you create and customize here and tameable as well
  • All the games here can be stored in the cloud very easily
  • There are no ads in this game

4.Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal - Best Android TV Games
Download In Google Playstore

Bridge Constructor Portal is a mix of the popular Bridge Constructor games and Portal. Most of the mechanics are classic Bridge Constructor. You must build a bridge to complete playing the game. However, the obstacles, characters and theme are all based on Portal. Thus, the obstacles you avoid are mostly creepy robots that will shoot you when you look at them. The game comes with 60 levels, plenty of clever Portal humour, Google Play Games achievements, and much more. It is pretty good for its price. 


  • This game can be downloaded across all devices
  • This game is supported by tablets, gamepads, etc.
  • There is a way to omit the dangers like for example laser fields, etc.
  • This game is safe to play and there are no privacy policy to agree upon

5. Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase - Best Android TV Games
Download In Google Playstore

Horizon Chase is a retro racing game and one of the best and top-rated Android TV games. This game has around 100 tracks along with a bunch of cars, various tournaments, etc. You get retro racing mechanics through as you start playing. It feels like playing an old racing game for the Nintendo 64. But the best part in this game is that it has better graphics and controls. The World Tour update also added nine new tracks, two new cards, and some extra stuff to collect.


  • This game has the very good habit of updating their software and including in more new and enhanced features
  • This game has won many awards
  • The graphics in this game are very interactive and mind blowing
  • You could also play your favourite music in the background when playing this game on your android TV


NBA JAM - Best Android TV Games
Download In Google Playstore

NBA Jam is a classic and one of the most premium basketball games that was actually introduced in the early 1990s. This game allows you to play two-on-two basketball where you will be able to score baskets and shove your opponents around. You go on fire by making three unanswered baskets by the same player and you will get a stat boost for doing these things in the game. The game has online and local multiplayer modes along with a single player campaign. It is one of the best sports games on Android and it works great on Android TV, especially when it comes to playing in multi-player mode, having fun with all of your friends


  • There are totally 4 modes of playing this game
  • You could play this game either in solo mode or multiplayer mode
  • There are also timely updates in this game that enhances the features
  • This game is highly secured and there is no hidden privacy policy. They are transparent to their users

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7. Machinarium

Machinarium - Best Android TV Games
Download In Google Playstore

Machinarium is one of the best puzzle games that are most widely sought after as one of the Android TV games. It received updates a few months ago to make it compatible with Android TV as well. The game is mainly focussed on a little robot. He lost his girlfriend and he wants to save her from the villains. You help him solve puzzles and do just that. It is not an overly long game, but the puzzles are fun and the game design is quite far above average. 


  • This game has been rated as a very fantastic game among the netizens
  • This software is built using the most secured algorithms
  • This game has also won many awards
  • The graphics in this game is very interesting and interactive and also easy to use

8. Oddmar

Oddmar - Best Android TV Games
Download In Google Playstore

Oddmar is a newly launched android TV game by the developers of the gaming company. This is also another one of the excellent Android TV game. Oddmar is a actually a disgraced king who wants to make a name for himself. Basically, in this game, we as players help him earn him a name by conquering various levels. The mechanics are simple, the graphics are also above average for a beginner. You can play a bit of the game for free before you buy the whole thing for a nominal $4.99. 


  • In this game, you can explore the true power with magical weapons and shields
  • You could also meet new friends
  • You would need a stable internet connection for this game
  • This game is built using the strongest security algorithm


Orbia - Best Android TV Games
Download In Google Playstore

Orbia is one of the next best game that comes in line for the top best android TV games. In this game, you actually try to shoot little puff balls through obstacles and finally aimed to the targets. In case you hit the obstacles, you will lose the game. It is a fairly basic premise but it is executed well. The game features colourful graphics, hundreds of levels, various characters, and multiplayer. Of course, it works well on Android TV as well. This one does not actually require any hardware controller like the play station or the console, etc. Any remote should be sufficient to play this one.


  • This game is targeted mainly on three things – patience, timing and confidence
  • You will have to plan on how to kill your enemies tactfully 
  • There also many skins that you can use for your gaming experience

10.PBA Bowling Challenge

PBA Bowling Challenge - Best Android TV Games
Download In Google Playstore

PBA Bowling Challenge is one of the few recently designed and developed bowling games on mobile. It also has Android TV support. The game features above average graphics, simple controls, and more. In this game, you are eligible for three game modes. There is a multiplayer mode, a career mode, and a quick play mode along with leader boards and all kinds of other things. There are also tournaments and special events. It is a free game. However, this is another family friendly game with tons of stuff to do. Plus, it is bowling. Well, who does not like bowling in this era, and that too a virtual bowling game?


  • This game gives you the best bowling experience
  • This game is now gaining more popularity among the netizens across the world
  • The developers are rolling out new updates for enhancing the game
  • There are also special kind of balls 
  • You can also maintain a leader board and compete with the world players

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This article explains clearly about the top best and 5 star rated Android TV games. You can have your complete trust on this article and give a thumbs up for the games listed here. All these apps listed here are available on Google Play Store. 

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