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Best Android Movie Apps

If you would like to watch movies so, by using Android device and an internet connection, you can play all types of movies without connecting any cable services. There are lots of streaming applications available (officially and unofficially) to watch movies on your Android device. Thus, choosing the best one is a tough job. Thus, we have created a list of best Android movie apps that are lawful to stream in the world.

Best Android Movie Apps

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Sony Crackle
  • Hulu
  • Disney Plus
  • Tubi TV
  • Vudu
  • Plex
  • Kodi


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Netflix is an ideal and popular movie app that you can download on Android and other platforms. It is top-rated streaming entertainment service, Netflix can access to watch lots of movies up to UHD 4K resolution. Furthermore to Movies, they also watch TV shows and Netflix Originals.

You can also easily use this service with the web browser. There are almost streaming plans provided on Netflix: the basic plan is available at $8.99/month, the standard plan comes in $12.99/month and the premium plan charges at $15.99/month. The streaming quality and the number of streaming devices will be different according to the plan. They also offer a 30-day free trial period for new customers.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
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Amazon Prime Video is a straight and perfect competitor for Netflix. Furthermore to monthly plan, the prime video also offers an annual subscription plan. It is the most excellent movie apps for Android. Just like Netflix, you can find lots of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and Prime Originals. Furthermore, it also plays live TV channels like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and lots more.

By using active Amazon Prime membership ($12.99/month and $119/year). You can also choose Prime Video as a separate service by paying $8.99/month. Moreover to online streaming, you can also download your desired titles to watch in offline mode. Next great emphasize on Prime Video is that you can sort out the movies with IMDb ratings.

Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle - Best Android Movie Apps
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Like the aforesaid apps, Sony Crackle allows you to watch movies for free. As it is available for a free streaming service, you will obtain advertisements in-between the movies. The library introduces lots of movies merging old classics and the new hit movies. Furthermore to movies, it also plays TV shows and originals available for free.

You can choose your desired movies simply by using filters like comedy, drama, action, thriller, and many more. You can also include your preferred titles to the ‘Watch Later’ segment for fast access.

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Hulu - Best Android Movie Apps
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Hulu is an ideal US-based video streaming service that allows you to watch movies and TV series on-demand. You will also gain access to watch 60+ live TV channels by buying the Hulu + Live TV plan. There are three subscription plans offered in Hulu. The basic subscription plan with ads is available at $5.99/month, the ad-free plan charges $11.99/month and Hulu + Live TV plan costs $54.99/month. It gives you access to watch Disney+ and ESPN+ contents plus Hulu.

Just like live TV streaming services, Hulu provides up to 50 hrs of DVR support on the base plan. By using this, you can track your preferred movies and TV shows to stream it on the offline mode.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus - Best Android Movie Apps
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If you are looking for an app to watch classic Disney animated movies and Marvel movies, Disney Plus is the best one you have to download on your Android device. It also plays the contents possessed by Pixar, Star Wars, and 20th Century Studios. It is available at $8.99/month and $89.99/month, it comes with a large inventory of movies and TV shows to stream. The movies can be watched up to 4K HDR.

A particular subscription on Disney Plus can be watched at the same time on four devices. It also back-ups offline streaming. Thus, you can download your preferred titles to stream onwards.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV - Best Android Movie Apps
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Tubi TV is consistent and free service that can be used to watch movies on Android and iOS devices. The titles are organized under different categories such as Most Popular, Comedy, Action, Family Movies, Horror, Thrillers, and etc. You can navigate through the lists to find your desired titles.

The major emphasize with Tubi TV is that you can choose subtitles for the entire titles available in this app. Due to its cross-platform support; you can connect the watch history all over multiple devices..

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Vudu - Best Android Movie Apps
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Vudu is a popular Android movie app that you can count on for watching movies. However, it is a best service; it acts in a different way from other services. Like Netflix and Prime Video, no need to pay any monthly or annually charges. You simply need to pay for the movie that you would like to watch.

It also introduces some of the free movies which you can steam with limited advertisements. You can use the free movies just by accessing on the Free section. If you had a Chromecast enabled TV, you can play the Vudu movies direct from the Android device.

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Plex - Best Android Movie Apps
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Plex is highly developed media center which provides all your media (music, pictures, and videos) in one location. By using this app, you can simply watch the movies that you stored locally on the computer. You can also watch different online movies by including right plugins. The plugins are available for free and easy to download within the app. You can find almost 1000+ titles such as independent films, Hollywood classic and lots more with the support to export the external subtitles.


Kodi - Best Android Movie Apps
Download at Google playstore

Kodi is well-known to stream free movies, TV shows, documentaries, and many more with the assistance of addons. Also, Kodi is only a media player. To watch media, you have to include lots of addons from official and unofficial sources.

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The key downside with Kodi is that you have to include unofficial addons for free media contents. While including those addons, you might end up facing copyright problems. However, no need to worry about while including addons within the app.

Our Opinion

The aforementioned apps are the best ones that are widely used by cord-cutters across the world.

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