Best 5 resident evil village mods

This resident evil village is a most beautiful grim place also it makes our blood chill with a pleasant mood. From the halls of spooky castle dimitrescu the haunting rooms of Benevento house, the place of nightmare which is resident evil on of the best adventure is it looks and gives us to horror touch. In this article we going to see about Best 5 resident evil village mods

Capcom resident evil this name gives you support of very loyal and royal mood community that’s why it is not taking too long for latest Capcom release. Now there is available for new release you can go and check it.

Mod manager and FOV trainer

Guys when you were adding mods you can experience some things also while downloading and installing this resident evil village game. If you are new user to add mod you will feel bad to where to unpack and how to save files this was the reason that mod manager made handy

Mod manager will give you lot of benefit in this game. It will reduces your process time and allow you to add mods easily. So guys before starting playing just search about how to add mod and learn working of mod manager

Steps to install and extract fluffy mod manager for pc

Guide to download mods in resident evil 8 village

 Here we going to see how to download best mods in this game

Guide to install mods in resident evil 8 village

Directly we shall move on to steps

Best 5 mod in resident evil village

Now let see the best 5 mod one by one

Count Theodora mod

This mod will be very interesting because it was playing by lady dimitrescu. But now this character was replaced by Thomas the tank engine to become horror and nightmares. This mods has very horror effects which makes this game more terrific.

All the credits for this mod was given to Thomas train he created a good reach in both resident evil 2 and resident evil 3 game.

Barney enemy skin mod

This is the next mod this mod is making creating bloodthirsty world in resident evil. Enemy looks like barney skin mod which has turns the common enemies in resident evil into bloodthirsty, everyone favorite character is corpe ripping doppelganger of barney.

Cassandra playable

Like the mother lady dimitrescu her daughter also makes us very scary. So the daughter Cassandra also scary character in this game. In this mod Cassandra it removes ethan and will enable you to copy the lady dimitrescu brutal daughter

Fly swatter

This mod is one of the funny mod to play. You can try it. Here you can use fly swatter instead of using knife it will solve all your problems. You are changing only the weapon not function.

Banana gun and spoon knife

It is one of the most popular mod you can learn meaning about irony and madness.


we hope this articleBest 5 resident evil village mods will be useful for you. Also chcek horror game granny, dead by daylight

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