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Fix: EA Battlefront 2 Extremely Long Loading Times

By trying any one of these solution your problems will solve. here we going see about how to fix EA Battlefront 2 Extremely Long Loading Times

Update your windows

Due to older version running in your windows pc may also cause bug so immediately update for new version. Here I will tell you how

  • At first press windows key + x then you can see list of options there you have to select settings
  • Now in the windows page select “update & security”
  • Now click on the window update tab where you can see on next pane
  • Also you can see check for updates button click on it
  • Now your computer automatically search for update if it finds update available then it starts updating
  • Finally restart your computer and start playing if you see same error then try for next

Update your graphics driver

If your GPU drivers are not useful then you will face errors while playing games. So it is more important to keep your graphics driver updated. You can update your graphics card by three available ways first is your pc will update automatically to latest version, second is from your manufacturer website you can get latest graphics deriver setup file. Third is using third party utility driver program. Here below we will tell you brief explanation

  • At first press window + x where you can see list of option there select “device manager”
  • Next double click and open “display adapters “
  • Now right on your graphics unit and select “ update driver” option
  • Then follow some simple screen instruction now your pc will automatically search for latest  driver file and install

To update manually by downloading file

  • At first open your browser and open NVIDIA or AMD’s from their official website
  • There you can see the option to download the setup for drivers it is depend upon your window version
  • After download complete the set-up file just right click select “ run as administer”
  • Then you have to allow permission for UAC prompt. Then follow some screen instruction and install latest graphics driver for your pc.

Update via third party program

If you want to update through third party driver utility program then you have to download a third party driver utility program. There are many different types of programs were available to scan your pc and outdated driver. If that program detects for outdated drivers then it will automatically install for latest drivers with single click but these programing application are not free to use you have to pay for it. By spending some money in it it will take care of your drivers

Increase virtual memory

This feature is available in windows pc where it detects all program or application that occupy large memory and use some memory from system hardware drive. And it helps to load application which need a lot of effort. System which have low RAM memory will make use of this virtual memory feature. Here we will tell you how to increase virtual memory also allot memory for battlefront2 to load fast.

  • At first click on search box where you can see “advanced system settings “ click on it
  • Now advanced tab will be open there you have to click on settings button which is in under performance section
  • On the performance option window click on advanced then click on change button
  • Now uncheck the box which is next to “automatically manage paging file size for all drivers “and select “c” drive. Then click on custom size
  • There some space will be allotted you have to enter its initial size and maximum size. The initial size should be more than 1.5 times of actual size of your RAM and its minimum size should be not more than 3 times of your RAM on your pc.
  • Finally click on ok and relaunch your game

Perform a clean boot

This clean boot is used to clean the system and remove all background which affects your game. Here we tell you procedure

  • At first press window key + R then it will open run dialog box
  • There enter “msconfig” in run and click enter
  • Now it will show for system configuration window then click on service tab
  • Now check the box next to “ hide all Microsoft service” and click on service tab
  • Next click on startup tab which is located at top and then click on “open task manager”
Fix: EA Battlefront 2 Extremely Long Loading Times
  •  Finally close task manger window and now in the system configuration window click on apply and click ok

Repair the game file

Missing and corrupted game files are the main reason caused error in game. You can see steam and origin in feature by suing it users can check their game file integrity. Here we tell you how to repair your game files on both steam and origin

For steam users

  • At first open steam application and go to game library
  • Next on your battle2 game right click and select “properties”
  • Now click on the local files tab then click on “verify integrity of game cache”
Fix: EA Battlefront 2 Extremely Long Loading Times
  • Now your game file will be automatically scanned if it detects something missing then by itself download the replacement file where you can see in destination folder

For origin user

  • At first open origin application and go to game library
  • On your game battlefront2 right click and select “repair”
  • Now it will automatically scan your game and make corrects.

Delete temporary game file

When you loading your game for first time some files were created. You have to delete these temporary files and also check whether it has increase in loading time. You are deleting only just temporary files so don’t get worry for losing your saved game. Here we tell you step

  • At first click on the search bar and search for “astar wars battlefront 2 “ and open it
  • Now delete all the files “crashdumps” ,”rimetemp” ,”screen shot” and “settings “

Finally restart your game foe two time if same issue continue then here last solution for you

Edit the game boost option

Here we tell you some tips that you have to make on your boot options file which is located in the game directory this will improve the loading time of your game. Let us tell you how

  • At first click on the search bar where you can see “ astar wars battlefront 2” click for open
  • Then open settings folder and open “bootfolder” text file in your notepad and replace them with following text
  • GstRender.EnableDx12 0
  • GstRender.FullscreenEnabled 0
  • GstRender.FullscreenRefreshRate 60.000000
  • GstRender.FullscreenScreen 0
  • GstRender.ResolutionHeight 1080
  • GstRender.ResolutionWidth 1920
  • GstRender.WindowBordersEnable 1
  • Finally save your file and restart the game also check whether your game running in normal state without any relay


In this article we have mentioned you all solutions to Fix EA Battlefront 2 Extremely Long Loading Times. I hope this will be useful for you.

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