7 ways to fix google Docs Unable to Load File Issue

Google docs it is the best solution for many users it will be easy work with office documents such as Doc or Docx files and it will be expensive. This google docs is the good solution for this solution. Users were reporting us that they were facing issues like google Docs cannot load files or edit them. Here let us see the reason behind the cause of this error and let us see ways to fix google docs which unable to load your file. We tell you 7 ways to fix google Docs unable to load file issue

Google docs is just a part in a google online compared to any other software it has this feature is better also it is user friendly and free to use. One of the best thing is it allows users to work remotely at anytime and anywhere. Don’t worry about your data it will not consume any of your data but still users were facing some errors in loading files on google Docs

We can’t say what the exact reason for cause of this error “google Docs is unable to load a file from your pc from corrupted file or unrecognized format” you will get solution in this guide. In this guide we tell you 7 ways to fix google Docs Unable to Load File Issue

Fix: 1 sign- out via Google Account and After Sometime Sign- in Back

The reason behind why you can’t able to load files is account authentication problem. What you have to do is just sign out from your google account and then wait for a min after some time again log in with your credentials. Done check if error continuous if not you can go for next fix.

Fix 2: Checking google servers

Also this error occur due to google server this error is a type of error occurs on google services and google Docs is one of them. You have to check your server from server checking apps which is available on play- store like server status info app. or else you can also follow their google official twitter account there you can check if any server maintenance is going on. Server problem will be solved within an hour.

Fix 3: checking your internet connection

We all know that google docs is depend on internet only it handles your connection. Make sure that your internet connection is stable. Sometimes you can see that your Wi-Fi is showing a problem

If you are using pc to work then you can check your internet connection through network diagnostics. This will find some solutions to troublesome errors. If you are using mobile then you can check through your data connection where you can see this option in settings menu

Fix 4: trying incognito mode

Whenever you find this error then you can go for incognito mode. It is sometimes different it will never save your local history or any of your chrome activities instead of that it works as a newly signed chrome. So we recommend you to use this incognito mode in google Docs on your chrome. In this mode you will not face any error

Fix 5: clearing history, cache and cookies from chrome

In your browser it has any excessive browsing data located in your google chrome browsing history, then it will make your browser slow it will affect your browsing experience. So what we coming to say is you have to clean your browsing data before start working in it .It is the main cause the cache memory which present inside will make your browser to work slow. We tell you how to do

  • At first you have to open your chrome browser and look for three vertical lines which is located at top right corner in your window screen
  • Then go to the more tools and then click on clear browsing data
  • Now go to advanced and click on cache and cookies file to delete them all
7 ways to fix google Docs Unable to Load File Issue
  • Finally done go back to chrome and check error solved

Fix 6: Reset Google chrome setting completely

Sometimes we enable for wrong settings in chrome this may also a reason to cause error in google docs. Let us see how to solve

  • At first you have to open google chrome browser in your device and then you can see advanced option click on it. it will open for settings
  • Next go to reset and clean up section, click on restore settings to their default settings
7 ways to fix google Docs Unable to Load File Issue
  • At once you have click it now your chrome setting will be reset to their default setting

Fix 7: trying to sign-in with another Device

This problem is not most common behind this issues there may be some reasons. Also it may be device is not compatible with google doc. So you can try login using from other device. This may solve the problem.

TIP: the error still occur after uploading your document file then you have to check that your file is in doc or docx format or convert into docx format. Alternatives


We hope above these problem will solve your issue. These are the 7 ways to fix google Docs Unable to Load File Issue to solve this issue

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